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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “Is our hustle holy?” “We can hustle with the best of them, but are we allowing the Holy Spirit to overshadow us, to rule our lives, so that we may have personal Magnificats?” – Michelle Benzinger

+ “The way to truly be helpful to someone in pain is to let them have their pain…”

+ How Mary Became Queen of Poland

+ A prayer for this week: “Jesus, I fear I cannot withstand the pressure of the coming days, of the long list of what I must take on.

“Trust, trust in Me,” You whisper in Love.

Take it all, Jesus.

I turn to You, Jesus. Show me what it is You desire of me. The rest I leave to You in Your capable hands.

I rest easy knowing the Savior of the world gives me His full attention, watches over me night and day, soothing my heart when I am wounded, filling me with strength when I feel unable to go on, and consuming me with peace when I become anxious and worrisome.

Jesus, I trust in You.

Jesus, I rest in You.

Amen, Jesus, my soul is Yours forevermore.” — Laura Marie Durant

+ “The home, you might say, ought to be a little Eden on earth; or better, because we are now redeemed, a little bit of heaven…” 💜 

I love this quote, and this week’s Catholic Wife, Catholic Life newsletter on Patreon includes links to Catholic home decor that can help make your house reflect your faith and point you towards God.

I share this every Monday and it includes:+ 2 recipes to try (always Paleo or Gluten-Free_+ A Prayer Reflection based on Sunday’s Mass readings+ Links to Budget-friendly Fashion & Home Decor (Catholic decor edition today!)

Below are some pictures of what’s included in this week’s newsletter!
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