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I don’t pray nearly as often when things are going well & smoothly as I do when things seem to fall apart. I’m working on it…

But maybe that’s why the say the Lord is close to the brokenhearted.

Maybe they say that because the brokenhearted are close to the Lord.

At least, I’ve found that to be true for me.

What about you?

When things start getting rough and I feel like things are falling apart, I realize that I didn’t come to Him nearly as often as when things were going well. I’ll realize that I hadn’t been thanking Him enough during those good times.

When times go from good to bad, though, I run to Him and ask, “Why?” “Where are You now?”

Sometimes I don’t have anything else to say other than that.

Sometimes I tell Him, “You know my heart. You know my brokenness right now. I don’t have anything else to say, but You know what I would say if I could find the words…”

And I rest in Him. I ask Him to wrap His arms around me, and I ask Him to walk with me. Like a cloak, a cover, to shield me from what hurts the most on any given day.

I’ve had trouble in the past comforting those who are brokenhearted and suffering the most.

How could I tell them that He is near when they are suffering? How can I tell them to thank God even for this? It is so hard to imagine that He is closer to us when we are so low and in so much pain – let alone to thank Him for this like the saints suggest…

rsz_rsz_adventure But, on the other hand, sometimes it is easier to see Him when we are low… Because it’s in those moments that it’s easier to see our need for Him. It is easier to see our wrongdoings in the past. It is easier to say I’m sorry, and to ask for forgiveness. It is easier to ask for help, and to look for Him… it’s easier when we are low.

I wish I could do all of those things when things are going well instead of only when things are rough.

But maybe He allows us to fall down so that He can lift us up. Maybe that is what we can be grateful for; a renewal through Christ’s love and mercy.  

This reminds me of a time a few years ago when I sprained my ankle falling down some stairs. I remember feeling like the world was caving in on me; the obligations I had, the work and deadlines I was facing, and many other things that I had to take care of… And when I sprained my ankle, I felt like I had no chance of doing it all. I felt broken.

And, then, I remember a good friend of mine explaining to me that sometimes a shepherd would break the leg of one of his sheep when he was going astray, so that the shepherd could carry that sheep over his shoulders and make sure he learned to stay with the flock, so that when his leg healed he wouldn’t stray again.

Maybe the moments when we are suffering the most are moments when God is trying to remind us to stay with the flock, the faithful. Maybe its those moments when He wants to lead us and to carry us. And maybe the moments when we are suffering the most can prepare us to carry out that faith when our suffering subsides.

We seek Him out so strongly and we pursue Him with great need when we are suffering. I know that I personally need to learn how to continue that when the suffering subsides. If we do that, if we carry our faith from when we are suffering to when we are thriving, then I think we can better help those around us who are suffering — and we can bring them close to the Lord so they can too feel His love when they need it the most.

I don’t think there is any other way to help those that are suffering than to bring them closer to Him.

Lord, help me to come to you with great need when times are good as well as  when they are bad. Help me not to forget Your love in all circumstances. Help me to focus on Your goodness. Help me to bring You close to the brokenhearted, especially when the brokenhearted is me.