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Autumn concept, anonymous woman enjoying takeaway coffee cup on sunny cols fall dayAdvent can be a long season — a miserable one, if we didn’t have hope. But with hope, we can live through and accept whatever we’re suffering from, because we are sure of one thing: the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. His coming is enough to justify our longing, our hope, and our perseverance through any hard times.

And to have hope, we must have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

And if you are suffering, I’m here to tell you that you’re having a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. 😉

“All love’s chosen ones are given trials. When I find that a soul is very closely united to Jesus, very intimate with Him, I need not ask, “Have you suffered in your life? Have you had trials, crosses, bitterness?” I am sure that he has passed by the road of Calvary to arrive at this union with the Crucified. Therefore the Cross is a means for Jesus to lead back to Himself those who do not love Him, to bring closer those who do not love Him enough, and to consummate in Himself those who do love Him.” (I Believe in Love; A Personal Retreat Based on the Teaching of St. Therese, Jean C. J. d’Elbee)

Have confidence and hope that He has already conquered the world, that He has come, He has been here, and He is here at this very moment… and allow that hope and faith and confidence of His love and victory to overcome you — to overwhelm you, and to carry you through this difficult season of whatever it is you’re going through.

Our misery only ever-more attracts the mercy and unconditional love of our Lord. Give it to Him, and enter into a personal relationship — a personal encounter with Him, and allow your heart to be changed by Him.

Prepare the way of the Lord — in your heart and in your home.

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