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Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of people share that their patron saint wasn’t just someone they sought out for one reason or another, and it wasn’t just their namesake saint, but that it was a saint who kept appearing in their life over and over again — and clearly letting them know that that saint had chosen them instead of the other way around. I’ve always found that to be interesting, and in my case, it’s also been very true.

Saint Anne has been a part of my life for a long time. The first time I remember learning about her was in the fourth grade when I had to choose a saint to write a paper on, and I chose her because we had the same name. In my paper, I wrote (and I know this because I found that paper last year and loved getting to see what my fourth grade self had thought about our Grandmother) that St. Anne was a, “a woman who kept praying even when it seemed hopeless.” Since then, I’ve had a lot of prayer intentions that may have seemed hopeless and I’ve asked St. Anne to intercede for them, and God has been good in that time — even when things were bad, and He has been faithful even when things were painful, and I believe St. Anne has been asking Him to hear my prayers throughout it all.

So she’s my patron saint: St. Anne, the mother of Mary, the Grandmother of Jesus (and me). She’s pretty much my go-to saint for any intention that has been really weighing on my heart. She knows what it’s like for a prayer to go seemingly unanswered for years — she and her husband suffered with infertility for nearly twenty years before conceiving the Blessed Virgin Mary. So I sort of consider her to be the patron saint of unanswered prayers. She is also the patron saint of:

Unmarried women
Women in labor
Infertile women

She is also often asked for her intercession for healing and finding a spouse. And those two intentions were some of my biggest that I asked of her to pray for… and those prayers were answered in big ways. 

So I’m always excited when July roles around, because it brings us closer to her feast day. We’re starting to pray the St. Anne Novena next Tuesday, actually, and I’d love if you’d join us. You can sign up for the novena here, and feel free to comment below with your prayer intention — I’ll be praying for you!

And if your devotion to St. Anne, our Grandmother, grows after this novena, you can always continue to pray through her intercession and to meditate on how she can become your go-to saint by checking out my latest e-book that I wrote about her and how she has inspired me to have greater faith.