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“We are not some casual and meaningless product of evolution. Each of us is the result of a thought of God.” — Pope Benedict XVI

This again goes back to the second reading from Sunday’s Mass about how each of us are given gifts (which I wrote about here as well). It’s such a good reminder that I don’t want us to forget… 

God did not create you and forget to give some specific gift to you. 

You have what He intended *you* to have. 

Maybe some of those gifts can be matured and refined a little bit more.

Maybe some of them have yet to make an appearance in your life, within you. Maybe some of them are clear as day already.

In any case, He thought of you (only you) and gave you very specific gifts and strengths that are unique to who you are, that are reflections of who He is, and you are beautiful and lovable and beloved. 

(You matter. The people in your life would be at a great loss without you.)

Spend some time with me this week thinking about the gifts God gave you, and to notice them. To see how He’s working through you and through those gifts. And to call out, for lack of a better term here, those gifts in the people you love.

Tell so & so that they radiate joy, that you see how gentle they are with their family, or that their patience and faith through difficult circumstances is inspiring. 

I wrote about this this topic and our spiritual gifts in this week’s Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Newsletter, which you can sign up for here. In it, I put together a few ideas of how to discover your spiritual gifts on a deeper basis if you haven’t already spent some time thinking & praying them over (including a quiz you can take that will tell you exactly what those gifts might be!).

p.s. It’s beyond me and a total God-coincidence that this same message was also repeated to me this morning at a bootcamp workout I’ve been doing every Tuesday & Thursday with Kate Hutson. It’s not just a workout for our bodies, but one for our souls too — it includes worship music and always ends in prayer. In other words, it’s life-changing and I couldn’t recommend it more. Lookup Revelation Wellness to find a class where you live!