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This week’s recap:

1. It was a big weekend for us! We celebrated the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which fell on the 50th Anniversary of my in-laws!

2. “BREAKING: The New York Supreme Court in a ruling today orders that Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s body be moved to Petoria in accordance with the wishes of his nieceJoan Sheen Cunningham. She has been in a court battle with the @NY_Arch over Sheen’s remains. The transfer of Archbishop Sheen’s body to Peoria should hasten his beatification–the last step to sainthood. The Peoria diocese started his cause for sainthood and is Sheen’s home diocese. His body is presently in the crypt of @StPatsNYC, which fought to retain it.” – Raymond Arroyo

3. “Besides the cardinal and theological virtues, we must also focus on properly ordering people first in our lives. We are all busy, but in our culture, we have a tendency to place our to do lists over people. I do it. We all do it. There are times when our friendships, even good and holy friendships, will go through a period of distance due to the requirements of our lives. Sickness and major projects are often the things that cause these periods. It is important, however, that we still seek to nourish these friendships in whatever way we can during this time, whether it be through text, email, or a phone call, and we make a concerted effort to spend quality time together again when time permits. We should provide words of encouragement and prayer to keep the friendship fruitful. If we don’t, then we can very easily slip into utilitarian patterns of friendship and the flower of that friendship will wither…” – Constance Hull 

4. “WE ARE KEEPERS OF EACH OTHER’S SOULS. I didn’t know this when we first married. I didn’t understand the magnitude. Marriage is a sacrament in the Catholic Church and as we’ve grown in our understanding of marriage and all that it entails, I’ve come to see that Dustin and I are to mirror Christ’s love. It really is a beautiful teaching. My job, as Dustin’s wife, is to guide him to heaven. He is to do the same for me. We do that by offering each other the kind of unconditional, sacrificing, forgiving, selfless love that Christ offers us. When we do this only blessings flow.” – Amy writing about her marriage as a part of my anniversary round-up post. 

5.  “.. it may feel like the call to spiritual motherhood is a second-rate motherhood. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In one of my favorite pieces of writing from Saint Pope John Paul II’s papacy, Letter to Women, he writes that spiritual motherhood has “inestimable value for the development of individuals and the future of society.” He also thanks women for their generosity, a willingness to give themselves to others – especially the most weak and defenseless.

Here are three concrete things you can do to explore the call to spiritual maternity and realize that it isn’t a consolation prize – it’s a incredible calling from the Father. The world needs your spiritual motherhood, sister…” – Chloe 

6.  “So the question is what does it take to be a faithful, Catholic woman? Are you obedient to Christ and His Church? Were you baptized Catholic? Did God make you a woman? Then you’re a faithful, Catholic woman. Embrace your own unique flavor of Catholic femininity.” – Kate

7. “If you know someone in pain, either from pregnancy, an accident, cancer, or a lifelong chronic disease that they are dealing with, here are some things I think they’d like…” – Sterling

8. One of my favorite statues outside of our Church.

9. “Getting married doesn’t miraculously solve our own issues of insecurity, envy, anger, pride etc. If anything, it makes it even harder for us to hide them. Some people misunderstand and think that it is marriage, or their spouse, that caused them to become a lousier version of themselves. It’s usually not. However, it is this surfacing of our flaws within marriage that gives us the opportunity to work on them. With the help of Jesus and with His Holy Family as our guide, may we be open to purify ourselves and our spouse, and support each other on this journey towards heaven.” – Catholic.Marriages

10. A Balanced Prayer Diet (a really good graphic!)