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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “I will speak one language: Charity… Charity is the sign by which you will be recognized as one of our Lord’s disciples. It is a badge which costs little but is most difficult to find. Charity is the most important language. Saint Paul regarded it as far more important than being able “to speak the languages of men and even of angels” — Ven. Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan of Vietnam

+ “There is purpose to your season. What feels insignificant, meaningless or really hard is actually going to become your preparation to step into something beautiful in a future season… Nothing in God’s hands is wasted. God sees the whole picture. He sees from the beginning to the end. You can trust that what God is building inside of you is going to be beautiful, and it’s going to be powerful, and it’s going to give Him all the glory.” — Jenessa Wait

+ “Our children are now our saints and this day is for them. Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others. The more you practice the better you become at it and it allows you to live peacefully and to heal. Forgiveness is more for the forgiver than the forgiven” — Danny & Leila Abdallah

+ “Cling to God, and leave all the rest to Him: He will not let you perish. Your soul is very dear to Him, He wishes to save it.” St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

+ 10 ways to put some spark back in your marriage: “Start praying together. + Make trust and forgiveness two things you give freely. + Focus more on what your spouse does right than what your spouse does wrong. + Check in on one another every day and ask, “How are you?” or “How was your day?” + Be proud to be seen with your spouse.”

+ 10 Patron Saints of Marriage // Ways to show your husband warmth

+ “It has been said that Saint Francis de Sales wrote that you learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, and to love by loving. By his logic, we also learn to have greater faith by putting that faith into practice. It’s a thing we have to do—to live out, for it to grow.

“A beautiful way to put that into practice is to pray, to enter into a conversation with Our Father in Heaven, to trust that He is listening and wanting our good, and to look for how He already is responding and working in the details of our lives. He did it for the disciples, and He does it for you.” — Ask Him to Increase Your Faith

+ “They call me the weaker, or ‘fair sex’. ⁣⁣Perhaps my delicacy complements my counter-part. Perhaps my receptivity allows me to receive love deeply. My sensitivity moves me to compassion for others. My gentleness complements his strength, and encourages his chivalrous instinct. Perhaps my emotions carry me to love. Perhaps, when guided by grace and ordered to the supernatural, my weakness is my strength. ” — Megan, A Mother’s Lace

+ “Whatever your calling might be — launching a business, starting an outreach, becoming a youth leader, beginning volunteering, going back to school — We rarely feel ready when God first calls us. Stepping out in faith is almost always overwhelming. But – when God calls you, He goes with you. And He prepares you along the way. You can be bold with your faith and confident in your calling because the same God who inspired you is the God who goes before you, with you, and after you every step of your journey.” — Christine Caine

+ “The Giver— of every good + holy + helpful + lovely thing— is in room.
The Healer— of your body, heart, mind, and soul, from the inside out— is in the room.
The Guide— of your present and your future, down paths of righteousness, beside quiet streams, and towards Heaven on earth— is in the room.
The Redeemer— of every hardship, every heartache, every hurdle, and every hard thing— is in the room.
The Comforter— of the places that you know are hurting and those too deep to express— is in the room.
The Counselor— of the big crossroads decisions and the little everyday ones that determine your way— is in the room.
The Provider— of every resource that you need, every relationship that benefits your soul, and all the riches this world holds— is in the room.
The Sustainer— of every detour you didn’t see coming, every valley that feels too long, and every step that seems too scary— is in the room.
The King— of every galaxy that surrounds us, every heart that He made + every creation that is good— is in the room.

Take heart. Look for Him. Expect Him to move.” — Cleerely Stated

+ Novenas to Pray in February // When to Pray Novenas // Pray with me: The Jesus Prayer

+ “If your mind gets distracted 1,000 times in 10 minutes of silent prayer, it’s 1,000 opportunities to come back to the loving presence of Jesus.” (Paraphrase of Thomas Keating)

+ “A couple years ago, I swapped out my mom uniform from athleisure to beautiful outfits and almost immediately, I noticed that the greatest change was not my exterior, but interior mama heart. I was gentler with my children, more productive in my homemaking tasks, a more joyful and loving wife, and friendlier and more approachable to strangers out in public. Making a simple switch to outfits that reflected the inherent dignity of womanhood and motherhood encouraged my soul to embrace my vocation with joy and peace I never expected from simply changing my dress. I went from feeling like a tired, worn out mom, to a mother who was acutely aware of the dignity and joys of her vocation and the immeasurable value of her role in her family and society. It was a most welcome change, and it’s here to stay!” — Rose, Cradle Catholic Mom

+ “If satan can’t get you to stop serving your family, he’d have you bitter, resentful and joyless while doing it.” — Anneliese, feminine, not feminist

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