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This week’s must-reads:

+ Our (online) Pray More Lenten Retreat begins on Ash Wednesday! That’s just one week away!!

This retreat will help you meditate on the Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection. It’s all online and it’s self-paced, so you can do it wherever you are & whenever you have the time. That makes it easy to fit into your schedule and there’s no need to travel! 

There are five inspiring speakers to help you focus your eyes on the Lord and transform your prayer life this Lent. 

Each of the 19 talks comes with a video, study guide and transcript, so you can watch, listen or read through the talks however you’d like best — alone or with a group! Everything will be available beginning on the first day of Lent, and will be online throughout all of Lent. You can sign up for the retreat here:

Other must-reads:

+ 10 married couples who have been canonized or are on their way

+ What Catholic Couples Can Do During Lent

+ How the love of husband and wife is fed by the Eucharist

+ “I have expanded. Sometimes that means I had to be broken and remade. And yet that expanded suffering also brought expanded joy.⁣

That is the potential of all suffering including infertility and loss. God asks us to submit to a breaking. It does not come in the manner we choose or else it would be lighter and we, less willing to be broken in necessary ways.⁣” — Melody

+ “Why does Mass begin with a procession?” :

“It was often called a “penitential procession,” and was used as a way to prepare the hearts of those who were to participate in Mass. The physical act of moving from one place to another gave the faithful a chance to get away from the world and enter into something very solemn and moving.

While this action was shortened over the centuries, Mass was always preceded by a smaller procession within the church building. It still retained many of the same features and also became a symbolic gesture that reminded the faithful of their procession or “pilgrimage” to Heaven.”

+ Prayers for your husband in the month of St. Joseph

+ In this week’s Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Newsletter, I wrote a little bit about how to choose to follow God’s commandments and how to be intentional about trusting Him.

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