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16774440677_1aaa16c3d6_zI bet you already know them 🙂

But how often do you say them?

Sam Guzman, from The Catholic Gentleman, writes, “Pride is the enemy of healthy relationships. It is the root sin behind a host of other toxic sins, all of which hurt those who are closest to us, especially our wives. Is your marriage struggling? It probably has something to do with pride. Believe me, unchecked pride can destroy a marriage faster than anything else. It is a disease that rots away the bonds of sacrificial, self-giving love that every marriage should be founded upon…

“But not to worry, the Great Physician has a prescription for the deadly disease of pride, namely the three powerful but painful little words I referenced in the title of this post. What are they? “I am sorry.”

You can read the rest of his post here. While he writes mostly for men, I think us ladies can also take point of his advice.

photo credit: John Hope