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whidbey-island-couples-session-dedden-75There are a couple of intentions I’ve been praying about this past week, and some that I’ve been praying about for a much longer time… I didn’t see a lot of movement on many of those intentions from the Lord for while, and it hurt. I didn’t see light at the end of the tunnel, or feel much relief, or even sense a whole lot of hope.

So I double down-ed on my prayers. And I asked friends & family to pray for them too.

Because when I’ve experienced this before — the seemingly unanswered prayers, the drought & muddy waters — I’ve let myself fall into despair, and I’ve learned that that’s not where we’re meant to go or to stay.

Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen said that, “The need for God never disappears.” I’d like to add that, in my experience, it actually just keeps on growing — our need just gets greater.

So with some of these unanswered prayers, I started thinking of what else I could do and what else I could add to my prayers that might finally get me somewhere 😉

Do you ever think like that too? It’s a funny thought. I don’t really believe God is just sitting there watching me and waiting for me to say one more Hail Mary before He shows me He’s working. I don’t really believe He’s just waiting for me to do one more thing. He doesn’t want me to be Martha. He wants me to be Mary. And Mary didn’t keep busy and try to do one more thing when Jesus Christ was right in front of her; she sat with Him.

So that’s what I’ve been doing more of lately.

I’ve been sitting with Him and spending more time with Him.

I have prayed a lot more Hail Mary’s than before, but I know the number of my prayers are not what’s making a difference — and I am seeing a difference in these prayers & my intentions…

I know, actually, that the faith of my prayers are making a small difference — the faith that slowly (slowly!) grows with each ‘Our Father’ and ‘thy will be done.’

I know that my trust, as it grows — again, slowly, is making a small difference too.

And, finally, I know that the act of turning back to Jesus even when I’m feeling like He has turned His back on me (who am I kidding, He doesn’t do that!) is a good one — a virtuous one, a sanctifying one.

And it brings me closer to Him.

And the more I keep turning back to Him, the warmer I feel myself becoming — warm in His embrace, warm in His hold.

Warmer in Hope.

And the closer I get, the more comfortable & confident I feel that He is working and that He has a plan.

So I wanted to remind you, too, today, that if you’re praying for something, God is working on it.

If you’re at a crossroads of wondering why your prayer hasn’t been answered yet, or if you’re wading through some muddy water and wondering which direction to choose next, here’s my answer for you: it’s time to double-down, whether that means spending more time with Jesus or asking your friends & family to pray for you because you can’t do much more of it, yourself.

I’ve been doing a little bit of both.

Despair is not the answer, and though it’s a choice — even one I’ve made before, it’s not the choice that brings you Love or Freedom or Hope.

But asking your friends & family for prayers? That brings comfort — and connection.

And looking for the Lord, even with tired & worn eyes? That brings reward.

“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.” — Saint Augustine