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medium_6030838692One of the best things I’ve read about chastity before marriage:

“Real love is even lost in the lie spread by abstinence programs that “true love waits” for sex. Sure true love refrains from having sex before marriage, but it’s not waiting until it can express itself—it’s expressing itself now.

“If I could speed up time. . .I wouldn’t.”

This is not true love “waiting;” it’s true love living.

This is not saying “no” to sex; it’s saying “yes” to sex as it is meant to be—a life-giving communion, a free, total, faithful, and fruitful gift (#TOB), an unbreakable covenant between two souls and God proclaimed in vows made to the world.

“Sex as a life-giving communion is meant to be a taste of heaven, a glimpse into the ecstatic glory of our coming communion with God.”

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photo credit: thevelvetbird