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medium_4408159729I love NFP, I love talking about it, and I love to see other women talk about it too.

But I think it’s good to remember how we talk about it matters, and what our attitude is like towards those who struggle with the Church’s teaching on contraceptives matters too. When it comes to changing hearts, it’s love (and mercy) that will do the trick.

Maria Wiering, a staff writer at the Catholic Review, says this:

“We Natural Family Planning promoters must avoid a better-than-thou air of haughtiness. A certain sense of pride is understandable, given our minority status and the kind of dedication it requires to practice it. NFP is, however, only a tool to space births, not the marital end game. A merciful attitude towards Catholics who struggle to keep this teaching, instead of an us-and-them approach, would serve all lay Catholics well.

“That’s not to say we shouldn’t widely extol the benefits of NFP. I love understanding how my body works, and that my husband understands it as well. It also appeals to my crunchy, organic-produce-loving self, as it requires thought and time, but nothing artificial – and potentially harmful – in my body. It also has helped numerous friends pinpoint fertility problems and eventually become pregnant.

“I’ve been married – and a mom – long enough to know that this vocation does entail burdens, some that the girl at the coffee shop six years ago couldn’t have anticipated. Those burdens, however, deepen my admiration of my husband and appreciation for my son, and are lightened by the quiet comfort and joy of cooperating with God’s plan for our family.”

You can read more here.

photo credit: eflon