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Gift giving is one of my love languages, so let me help you out this Christmas! 😉 Even if you waited ’til the very last minute…

I asked around, and it seems that the guys on our list are usually the hardest to buy gifts for! Well, here’s a solution: don’t buy him a gift. Give him one that takes a little thought, some time, and a lot of heart…

Very Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Your Husband That Don’t Cost Anything

A dedicated rosary for him — whether it’s one rosary in one day, or one decade per day, or one rosary each night for a number of nights, take some time to ask our Blessed Mother to pray for protection for your husband, to pray for his strength, and to ask our Lord to relieve him of the worries he deals with on a daily basis. And pray that you will be a better wife. Write him a little note telling him about the days you’ve been praying for him, and what you’ve been praying for him for; it’s so sweet to know in retrospect that your spouse was praying for you without you even knowing about it! #Truelove

A week of fasting for what what we struggle with the most — The Gospel teaches us that the secret to what we thirst for the most is self-denial and detachment from all things that stand between us and Jesus Christ, because we need more Jesus and a lot less of ourselves. This self-denial and detachment, such as fasting, is a sort of purification that allows us to grow closer to Christ. It allows us to shake off the things of ourselves, and to allow more of Him to live within us. If we do this, ourselves, we’re inviting Jesus into our marriages, and asking that He reign there. We’re asking for His help with our anger, impatience, and unforgiving nature. We’re putting Him first, and we’re asking Him to transform us — and He can, and He will. Fasting is meant to enhance our love of God and our love of our neighbor, which in this case, is our husband. 🙂 Give up something you love for the next couple of days or for an entire week if you can. Don’t grumble and complain about it, but offer that sacrifice up to God; He’ll use it!

A novena leading up to Christmas — One of my favorite ways to pray for my husband is to pray a novena for my intentions for him. While the Christmas Novena is dedicated to praying for an end to abortion, you can also pray for your own personal intentions. I’ll be praying for my husband. Join me in praying the Christmas Novena here. We start praying on December 16th.

An hour of Adoration praying for him — This is an idea I actually got from my husband. He did this for me a few years ago for my birthday, and he came home and gave me a note he had written while he was in Adoration praying for me. I thought it was incredibly sweet. What a reminder of what our marriages are meant for: leading our spouses to Heaven! How can we do that if we’re not praying for them, and for ourselves?

Screenshot 2015-12-16 at 5.51.12 PMA little box full of love notes — Fill it with things that you love about him, “thank you’s” for all the little things he does around the house that you thankfully don’t have to do (like taking the trash out! or cleaning out the shower and sink drains — ew!), or even little gift certificates for a foot rub, a movie night when he picks the movie, a fancy dinner of his favorite food that you make for him, etc. I’m doing this at home right now, and I’ve been writing one note per day — makes it a little easier that way!

Commitment to be a better You — Commitment to work on yourself, on your holiness, on your happiness, on your health, your demeanor when he comes home after a long day of work, on your habits that harm your marriage, etc. A commitment to work on yourself is one of the more selfless things you can do for your husband and your marriage. He’ll benefit greatly from a better version of yourself! And perhaps, add in there, more commitment to show him some lovin’! More commitment to hold his hand in public, to speak well of him around friends & family, to smile at him across the room, to leave sticky notes on his computer — a quick, “Hi there, handsome!” etc. Don’t forget about all those little things that were so exciting when you first started dating; if you already have, bring some of ’em back! That’s a pretty sweet gift if you ask me. #ReconnectingRomance

Time — When was the last time the two of you spent a few hours together, talking, connecting, or doing something fun without the kids, without your phones, without any distractions? If you can’t remember when, then it’s past time to do this! If you need to, ask a close family or friend to watch your kids while you have a night together. We all need that once in a while to stay connected, to build more intimacy, and to keep each other within arm’s lengths through life’s up & downs. Don’t let this one slip by ya!

Happy gift-giving!