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6810167984_b4fb3e2142_zWhen you think of saying, “yes” to God, saying “yes” to being open to life in your marriage, you probably more often think of the families that have many children rather than the families who have few, or none.

But here’s another perspective to keep in mind…

In We Said “Yes,” Too, Michaelyn Hein writes:

“Inside the walls of our Church, we feel out of place – though our hearts are more at home here than anywhere else. We don’t use artificial birth control – possibly, never have, instead ready for God to shower us with abundant blessings from our first days of marriage.

“But, those blessings never came. Or were very few. Or our blessings died before they were ever born, flooding heaven instead of our homes. Some of us walk into Mass not with a trail of children behind us but with a trail of tears.

Because we said yes, too.

“We said “yes” on our wedding day when asked if we would accept children lovingly as gifts from the Lord.

“We said “yes” with every marital embrace, hoping we would be pregnant this time.

“We said “Yes, I should have expected it by now”, when our twelfth test in a row broke our hearts with one line instead of two.

“We said “yes” when we said “no” to doctors’ offers of IUI or IVF, or to friends’ offers of surrogacy.

“We said “Yes, we’ll adopt”, we don’t care how God blesses us with children, only that He does.

“We said “Yes, I understand”, when the social worker told us that the birthmother chose a different couple or changed her mind and decided to parent.

“We said “Yes, Jesus, I still trust in You”, when we were finally pregnant and then, weeks later, delivered our too young baby to heaven…

“We whispered, “Yes, God, I accept this cross of infertility, of a string of heavenly babies with no earthly children to show for it”.

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photo credit: John Hope Photograhy