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In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus lists some serious sins that, “come from within and… defile.”

rsz_1-as_for_me_and_my_house_we_will_serve_theThey are:

+ Evil thoughts

+ Unchastity

+ Theft

+ Murder

+ Adultery

+ Greed

+ Malice

+ Deceit


+ Licentiousness

+ Envy          + Blasphemy

+ Arrogance          + Folly

This week, reflect on these… Are any of them something you struggle with? Pray each day to overcome that sin and intentionally work on that one sin.

Pray that we will be, “doers of the Word, and not hearers only.”

Even if the fruit of your prayer is simply growing in awareness of your sinfulness, rest in God’s mercy — and keep asking for Our Mother’s strength and guidance as we strive for holiness. And go to Confession 😉

Here’s another post with some helpful tips on how to overcome vices.