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Here’s a quick list of resources to help you process what we’ve learned in the last week…

We are heartsick by the abuse and further victimization of thousands of victims caused by the bishops who covered up these crimes.

We’re praying for justice for the victims (survivors) and their families, and for their healing.

We’re praying for this evil to be cast out of the Church, for true repentance, accountability and for the Church to be re-built and made holy.

Novena for the Abuse Crisis | Accountability, Transparency and Healing

From Br. Casey Cole: “I Understand If You Want to Leave”

Blessed is She: Grieving With You: On the Catholic Clergy Abuse + What We Can Do

Catholic All Year: Sexual Abuse, Sackcloth, And Ashes: Meeting Scandal with Acts of Reparation 

Word on Fire: The McCarrick Mess

Mama Needs Coffee: What’s a Faithful Catholic to do?

Pray More Retreat: Healing from Wounds Caused by Others

Elizabeth Scalia: The Church and Clergy in Crisis: 7 Practical First Steps We Must Take

Prayer to St. Maria Goretti for the healing of those who’ve suffered sexual abuse

Amy from Catholic Pilgrim: How do we protect our kids from sexual predators?

What Would Jesus Do? Clean House in the Catholic Church

Praying in Crisis: The Sorrowful Mysteries of this Moment

“Dear young people, do not be satisfied with anything less than Truth and Love, do not be content with anything less than Christ.” – Pope Benedict XVI