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Here’s this week’s must-reads:

1. In my second Catholic Wife, Catholic Life newsletter, I shared a prayer that you can say in less than a minute each day. It’s a really simple, beautiful list to read through (created by St. John XXIII) that seems like it could help with being more intentionally holy each day. You can sign up to receive the newsletters here.

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I've been writing & sharing some of the best things I find about living an authentic Catholic life as a woman & wife for about five years now (where did the time go??). I love what I do. I love interacting with you guys, hearing your thoughts on the things I'm sharing, and seeing what resonates with your hearts. I love praying for you and with you, and having you here. I love walking through this journey together, and navigating a faithful life in the world we live in. I hope what I do encourages you in your faith where you are, and brings you hope and joy, and some food-for-thought and contemplation. If you like the work I do and share over on my blog, on my Facebook page, and here, please consider becoming a Catholic Wife, Catholic Life supporter over on Patreon (Link below and in profile; you can pay what you want!). By becoming a supporter, you'll get access to a couple of new benefits that I'm excited to share with you: 1) a weekly newsletter that'll include a prayer tip, saint quotes, and links to recipes to try and budget-friendly fashion & home goods (What else would you like to see in that newsletter? DM me! I'd love to hear your suggestions). This'll be info that I won't share on my blog. 2) You'll also have access to a private Facebook group for Catholic women where I hope we'll be able to build an encouraging & engaging community where we can discuss all things related to living a faithful life as a Catholic woman. (I'm the admin and would love to see you This morning, we’re talking about marriage advice in the group). I genuinely hope that what I share with you is valuable and helpful — and fun. 🙂 You can become a supporter here: Thank you for being here. ❤️

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2. “In my journey of rediscovering my faith, I stumbled upon a crucial piece of hope: It is possible to emerge from pain to do good. It is possible to break the cycle and prove that good does trump evil in the human heart. It is possible to grow strong enough that you no longer wish you could change the past, because you are a better and more good person precisely because of it. I am a testament to that. This realization has helped restore my faith in humanity…” – Jennifer Schoewe

3. I’ve struggled with the notion of whether I’m any less than the women – the mothers – who have been welcoming new life into their families since the day they were married…

I have to admit that I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that having children early in our marriage, and often, would be the only testimonial we could offer about the blessings of being open to life, to children, and to God being present in our marriage.

I now know that’s one way, but it’s not the only way.

Although it has taken some time & discernment, I’m growing more confident each day that God is using our family — our two-person family — in ways that perhaps we didn’t think of ourselves, in ways which we didn’t plan… read more here.

4. Being Present to November: Its Not Christmas Yet

5. “The living out of these greatest commandments will look different for each one of us. We are on our own personal journeys with the Lord. Each of us bearing different crosses, celebrating a variety of joys, living in different communities. Yet we should all be committed to deeper relationship and communion with God Who in His perfect design created us to desire His Love.

Let us do our best to love Him with our whole hearts and souls, that by His grace it will be as Jesus tells the man in today’s Gospel, “You are not far from the kingdom of God.” (Mark 12:34). No, neither are we, sisters. Neither are we.” – Elise Howe, Blessed is She

6. “No matter her circumstances, no matter the artistic medium, all of us women possessing the gift of creativity will use it. A woman will find a way.” – Guest on Catholic Mom

7.  “Can I invite you to consider the implications if this is true? What if you don’t have to earn your right to take up space in the world? What if it’s okay to be in process, because our value doesn’t lie in our perfection? What if it’s real, what God tells us—that nothing can make us more or less loved? May you begin to lean into this possibility, and find that it is profoundly true.” – Aundi Kolber

8. “Habits change you, for better or for worse. An evil habit affects how you live. It is vital to understand that these habits of thought do not go away simply because you get married. You cannot simply drop evil habits when they are no longer needed, any more than Jekyll could simply stop being Hyde. It takes a long and painful effort to remove these things from your soul…” – David Breitenbeck

9. A Mass Journal for Catholic Moms

10. Podcast Reccommendation: Diapers & Disciples (Hey Amber!).