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8515833659_b31356e7e5_zHere’s something beautiful I just found… It’s ironic that I found it on the feast of the Annunciation!

This is by Leila over at Like Mother Like Daughter. This excerpt is from a four-part series she wrote on Destruction-Proofing Your Family. This particular part of the series focuses on couples who are child resistant:

“What if we did the unheard-of? What if we took a look at the Baby Question and just said something like, “God in His word tells us that children are a gift. We’ll do all we can to work hard and live simply, enjoying each other and accepting the children that come, trusting that He has a plan for us?

“And then, what if there is joy?”

This is definitely something to ponder for couples discerning what God’s will is for them and their family, and it’s a beautiful reminder that all children are a gift — a treasure, a reward, a blessing, a fruit.

I hope and pray that more couples are open to life, to God’s plan for them, and that while they discern parenthood, they’ll think of the joy children can bring into their lives rather than just the sleepless nights that may also follow.

You can read more here.