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Some saints are hard to relate to, but when (St.) Paul says he begged God to relieve him of his suffering, I’m like, “You and me, both, Paul! You and me both!”

More than most things, I get this — this prayer and begging for relief, and I’m thankful that this is an experience we hear about because it’s a reminder for the times that we’re saying that same prayer. It’s a reminder that we’re not alone.

The other half of that experience is equally as important: that God responded and that His grace is enough, and that we can be at peace even when we’re weak and even when we’re not healed. That’s when God’s power will be strongest within us and for us.

I’ve experienced this at my weakest. I’ve surprisingly felt closer to God in my darkest pain than ever before. So for me, this isn’t a platitude but an experience, and I’ve learned that it has to be one (an experience) that we talk about, or else these words carry too much weight or too little.


PS. This photo reminds me of a perfume ad 😂