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356332628_f12a8eb3e7Here’s something I found pretty interesting — and true:

“It’s not the snarky women at the store or playground who criticize our decision to have large families or homeschool or whatever who are the most hurtful.   We can expect this kind of attitude from secular society.  But when we’re judged by like-minded moms–women who love the faith and strive to live it daily just like we do–when those women deem us not as “good” because we do something outside of the “Catholic thing to do”, this is when we most suffer.” (read the rest here)

I know a lot of great, faithful Catholic women and families. And I know many of them have suffered from feeling judgement by others in their Church, or by women in their children’s playgroups or by the other moms at school; either for not having enough children, for having too many children, for not breastfeeding, for breastfeeding too long, for homeschooling, for sending their kids to public schools, and the list goes on and on…

And honestly, that is the last thing we need to be worried about — judging or being judged that other women and families aren’t as holy or aren’t as good. We are on this journey to Heaven together, and we should want to bring along as many people as we can on this journey. We can’t do that by making women feel “less than” when we are all, truly, just trying our best to get by.

Instead, we need to offer other women our support, our encouragement, our understanding — and our love.

We all have issues, we are all going through hard things, and nobody is exempt from suffering. So let’s not add to anyone’s burdens. Instead, let’s try to help them carry them, and lighten their load.

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