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sad girl portrait

This morning, I read a blog post — a letter, really — by Grace Mazza Urbanski over at Apostleship of Prayer, and her words really struck me. She wrote them about, and for, her friends whose child was suffering — so much so, that they wanted to take away their child’s pain and suffering, and endure it themselves; much like the way Jesus came down for us, and took upon Himself our crosses and sufferings… even unto death.

It also reminded me of Sunday’s second reading, that proclaimed that, “Love endures all things…”

Grace wrote:

“Jesus had absolutely no reason in the universe to taste suffering. As far as justice is concerned, he never should have felt the sting of hatred, disbelief, and scorn. Our perfect Lord, in all fairness, was beyond all of that. And yet, in mercy, he saw our suffering and pitied us. He longed to take our suffering unto himself. And he did it.

Our desire NOT to suffer is perfectly understandable. Every normal human instinct is to avoid suffering, to pull our hand away from a hot burner, to reach out and break a fall. But my friends are not humans acting merely on natural instinct. Thanks be to God, they have been infused with divine love. They have entered into the mystery of redemptive suffering. Suffering is terrible and sad; it’s also where Jesus lives. Jesus accompanies these parents in their suffering, bearing them gently, tirelessly, to Easter.”

You can read the rest here.

I thought her words were absolutely beautiful and so comforting for anyone who may be in a crises right now — for anyone who is suffering. Especially as we head into the season of Lent, let’s remember how Jesus accompanies each one of us in our crosses — from the dark desert until Easter, He is with us.