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Close up on a young woman's legs as she is walking in nature

Because sometimes it can be for your greater good. 

I’ve had a few of ’em — a few painful wake-up calls, and I’m talking about the ones that point to what this life is really about.

And that’s getting to Heaven. 

That’s glorifying God. 

That’s bringing others to Christ. 

That’s the salvation of my soul and yours. 

God has allowed me to have some painful wake-up calls so that I would learn these things, and remember them when I’ve forgotten ’em.

At least that’s what I believe.

At least that’s what gives me comfort as I struggle with the, “Why” of many things that happen in our world, and in my life…

I have to remember, “In all things, God works for the good of those who love Him.”

And what is that, exactly? What is the good for those of us who love Him?

That would be sainthood.

So those painful wake-up calls are not just meaningless moments, but rather powerful ones instead… they’re moments of growth, moments of opportunities!

When we can recognize our suffering as a catalyst for sainthood, rather than a cause of self-pity, then we’re finally waking up enough to realize what this life is all about!” (Gregory Watson

And thank God for that!

So maybe, in a way, those painful wake-up calls aren’t exactly God’s will necessarily… but maybe they’re moments that God wills for us to move ever closer to Him. And that is always God’s will. 

So while it’s painful, I believe those wake-up calls are for our real and ultimate good in the end: getting to Heaven.

-Sometimes God lets you hit rock bottom so that you realize that God is the rock at the bottom.-

Similarly, check out Peter Kreef’s response to why God allows suffering:

“In Everything God Works for Good with Those Who Love Him.”