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This week’s must-reads:

+ Why we need the Holy Spirit in our Marriages

+ “Dear brothers and sisters, the Name of Jesus, invoked by our Saint (Joan of Arc, my confirmation saint) until the very last moments of her earthly life was like the continuous breathing of her soul, like the beating of her heart, the centre of her whole life.” — Pope Benedict XVI

+ Your true friends will not get tired of hearing what’s on your heart, even if it’s the same thing that’s been on your heart for the last six months — or six years. Your true friends will never tire of asking, “How are you doing with that? How are you today? How can I pray for you?” They won’t think you’re inadequate if your answer is the same each time.

I get this reminder often and thought it’s such a good one that I needed to pass along.

+ “God is faithful to His promises.” This is how our priest ended his homily, and for me it’s a reminder to get back to my study of what those promises specifically are… and to consider whether I’ve been expecting different things from Him — things I’ve hoped and prayed for, and maybe thought were promises He made me, but weren’t. ❤️ That happens, doesn’t it?

I wrote here about how I’m trying to study God’s promises so that I can hang my heart & hope on those, instead of what I’ve previously thought they might be.

+ “My plan for you is not the one you have created and entertained in your mind. My plan for you is the one that is unfolding day after day in all the humiliations and apparent failure to achieve great things that make up this phase of your life…Trust not in what you do for me but, rather, in what I will do for you…” – In Sino Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart – The Journal of a Priest at Prayer by A Benedictine Monk

+ “Long before Zaccheus couldn’t see Jesus, the tree was planted to meet his need.”

+ A Litany of Saints for Dad

+ And Here’s my Father’s Day Gift Guide! Below are pics of what’s included 🙂

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