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medium_2846985868If you’re anything like me or many of my friends, maybe you’ve struggled with an anxious thought here or there…

Don’t even try to tell me we’re alone 😉 I know we’re not.

Fran Dorsey from has some good wisdom about how to deal with those thoughts, one at a time:

“I had to start to work really hard to filter my thoughts and feelings through, “Is this thought: true, honorable, just, pure…?” I usually never get past the “is this true” part.

“I have to practice every day – and I’m going to go ahead and guess that’s oh, you know THE REST OF MY LIFE. I am learning more so than ever that I cannot let my thoughts be passive and expect good to come from it. I have to trust God with (my daughter), and with (my husband), and with everyone I love. As easy as it is for me to think of all of the horrible things that could happen – I have to rest in God’s sovereignty and trust that He is good, He is in control, and that He loves my baby more than I ever could. I have to find comfort in His promises and know that He will help and love and comfort us in our time of need as they happen, but that I can’t entertain my imagination. It’s dangerous and debilitating and distracting. It is a battle to fight for joy and to keep choosing it, but it is worth it…

“God is teaching me over and over (so mercifully) that I have no control. I am seeing what an honor it is and what power there is in praying…”

You can read more here.

photo credit: photosavvy