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In the past few years, the saint stories which have touched me the most have been about the saints who have given up their lives for another…

I think that’s because as I prepared to get married, I also prepared to become a mom.

And so, I prepared to lay down my life for another…

The more I’ve learned about pregnancy & motherhood, the more I’ve discovered how it is a certain vocation of dying to oneself for another to live — and to live fully. 

“What is the meaning of pregnancy and childbirth?

The pregnant woman is a sign of contradiction — because pregnancy, which brings new life, cannot end without a laying down of life. The pregnant woman is also a sign of the Passion of Christ, most especially in the act of childbirth. And she is the sign of the fruitfulness of the Church, the Bride of Christ. Taken together, pregnancy is exactly a sign of what it is to be a Christian. And just like pregnancy — Christianity seems to make sense and be cool for a while at the beginning, right up to the point when you realize, and you always do, that running the race to the finish calls for laying down your life.”

There is no greater love than laying down your life for another person. And that’s the kind of love that moms exude everyday — but most especially through pregnancy & birth. And this is such a beautiful reminder that the sufferings we have in this life have great meaning, and they can teach us to love more fully.

photo credit: amseaman