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7692284650_39f1dcdacc_zI’ve been getting more and more interested lately in all things all-natural — specifically non-toxic — as I’ve been realizing how many chemicals and toxins we’re exposed to in any given day (i.e. water bottles, cleaning products, shampoo, toothpaste, water from the tap, etc).

In my search to learn more about living a cleaner lifestyle and eliminating many of those harmful toxins, I stumbled on a blog about a family who has been through an incredibly difficult ordeal.

After years of family members falling ill, the family discovered the culprit of many of their physical ailments: mold in their home. This family’s life was one severe illness after the next, without any answers until they discovered the mold. A few years after the discovery, they’re still trying to get back on track with feeling as well as they can after the ordeal.

The mom of the family has written extensively about their experience while everyone was sick, about the discovery of the mold, and their recovery (which continues to this day) from all their problems.

Here’s a snippet of her reflection on their toxic mold ordeal that really stood out to me:

“When we first got out of the house, it was all about mold, all the time. Mold’s bad, mold hurt us, mold stole our house, mold stole our life. We were going to write a book about the experience, but the longer we’ve lived the more we’ve realized it isn’t really about the mold. It is in the sense you have to deal with the problems and struggles, but the deeper issue here is about what God is doing inside of you, what God is drawing you toward through whatever you’re struggling with. He’s bringing you to a new place in your life, and you can either make it about the bad that you’re trying to get over, or you can make it about moving toward Him, and moving toward life. That’s what we’ve seen with the level of losses we’ve had. This is the purpose—He came to give you life and give it abundantly. I don’t know that I would have stopped eating the way I did. I probably would have heart disease and die a lot sooner. I don’t know if I’d be spiritually where I am today, if that hadn’t happened in 2008. It’s just a fact of life—when you go through that kind of struggle and you lose just about everything, it does something to you, it does something inside of you.”

You can read the rest of what she wrote here.

It’s an inspiring reflection, and I think it’s one that we can all learn something from when we look at the losses or hardships in our own lives.

We can either make it about the bad, or we can make it about moving toward Him.

photo credit: John Hope Photography