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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “God truly wants to hear the deepest & simple desires of our hearts. We can share it all like a child with a generous & loving Father. The key is to separate our desire from our expectation of fulfillment. Desire grows us. Constant fulfillment weakens us.” — Restore the Glory Podcast

+ Six Promises of God Every Christian Should Know

+ “We must not be ashamed to cry out, like Peter: ‘Lord, save me!’ It is a beautiful prayer!” – Pope Francis

+ “Why do we wait to go to Jesus? Whether it’s quarantine barriers, not fully trusting He can help, being overwhelmed by distractions, crippled by fear, or unwilling to release control, why do we wait to take our fears, doubts, worries, and control to Him? Our God is longing to hear our voice, for us to trust him with our fears and with our hearts. Let us turn our eyes towards Him and say, ‘Lord, save us.” Just like he did with Peter, He wants to wrap His arms around us and meet us right where we’re at.” — Ashley Stevens, Mountains Unmoved

+ Edith Stein: Hope for the Melancholic: “Edith Stein provides an incredible example of a melancholic Saint. Understanding her natural preferences and inclinations provides greater insight into Edith’s journey toward Christ. Her high ideals and determination for truth were fulfilled in Christ. She struggled with depression and doubts, but she chose to follow Christ in blind faith. She trusted Him to the point of martyrdom. Edith’s melancholic temperament was perfected through her faith and allowed her to ultimately ascend the Cross beside Christ. She offers a stunning example of the melancholic temperament perfected in sainthood.”

+ “How many times have we heard that the Lord only gives us what we can handle? Over the past few months, we’ve all been navigating choppy waters, but we are buoyed by our faith. When our trust falters and the seeds of doubt creep in, Jesus is there to stretch out his hand and catch us.⁣ We need not fear when we see the strength of the wind or the roughness of the sea. Rather, we need only take courage! We must trust that, with our eyes on Jesus, we will not fall.⁣ Lift your worries to the Lord this week. He will take care of you.” — Unleash the Gospel

+ “Maybe your next right thing is to leave it behind.” – Emily Freeman

+ “While I am called to give God my all & best, He never intended for it to be enough. My loaves & fishes were always meant to be inadequate on their own. Yet, miraculously, they serve. He has never sold me short of sleep or energy or virtue; He always factored himself into the equation. Dear one, if you’re feeling drained & weary & quite frankly not enough, let me offer this arm—this lifeline, this grace: It’s okay. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t even have to be enough. You—I—only need to trust that He is both. Give Him every little thing you have, & I promise you, He will do wonderful things.” — Bethany Hudson

+ We Need a Little Joy Right Now

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