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I hope that people who know us well — friends and family and acquaintances — know that we’re Catholic.

I hope they know that because of our faith, or our demeanor, or our invitations to prayer, or the way we talk about the crosses we’re bearing.

I hope they know we are His disciples by our love.

I hope we are good witnesses of God’s love to our family, our friends, and everyone else we encounter.

I’ve wanted for a while now to become the type of woman that is very outwardly faithful — in a way that touches other people or invites them in; in a way that is moving, in a way that is contagious.

I want to speak in a way that encourages other people to have greater faith or greater hope.

I know people who are like this — I know some women who are just like this, and it’s something I admire in them… I admire the way God works through them, and the way they let Him. I can see that they’ve emptied themselves to a certain extent to make more room for Him in their hearts. And I can tell that because they’ve made so much room for Him in their hearts that He is just bursting out of them — and into me when I speak with them.

And I want to be like that.

Right now, it’s just the two of us — my husband and me, but when we have children in our family someday, I want to be able to speak like that to them — I want God to enter their hearts because He is gushing out of mine.

Where do I start?

I think it starts with prayer. On my own. With my husband. With my friends.

I think it starts with surrendering ourselves to Him; our plans, our hopes, our worries, our fears, our crosses, our joys, our days…

I was just looking over my planner today, and it hit me: I have a lot to do, but none of it really matters. What matters is whether I give my day to God. And if I do that, what matters is that I share Him with whoever else I encounter that day too — my husband, a co-worker or a friend or stranger.

I can let myself rest in Him or I can try to work and check off all the things on my to-do list.

I can carry my crosses, myself, or I can let Him carry me.

By turning some of these things over to Him, I know it will add up over time, and that He will become a bigger part of my heart — that He will inhabit more of me, and eventually, that I will be able to give more of Him to others — my husband, our (future) children, and our families.

Dr. Gregory Popcak, over at the National Catholic Register, wrote:

rsz_screenshot_2015-08-17_at_103941_am“Catholic families are called to love each other with the love that flows from God’s own heart. We can only do this if we ask God–together–to teach us what this means. Therefore, in addition to both our individual prayer life and our worship with our parish communities, we gather together for family prayer each and every day. We use our daily, family prayer time to…

  • Praise and thank God for his blessings.
  • Ask forgiveness for the times we didn’t love as we should.
  • Ask for the grace to love each other and the world better.
  • Pray for both our needs and the needs of the Family of God.
  • Seek God’s will for our life.

“We treat family prayer, not as a duty or a chore, but as the key to true intimacy and joy in our home.”

Today, I’m resting in the fact that nothing needs to get done… spending time with Him is enough, and sharing Him with the people closest to me is enough.