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Monday Morning ReminderHere’s my favorite kind of Monday morning reminder…

Today, and everyday this week, keep in mind that your job doesn’t matter as much as you think.

It doesn’t matter what we do today or what we accomplish.

Today, what matters is who we are, and what we’re called to be.

We are loved. We are forgiven.

And we’re called to be loving and forgiving, too.

So judge your day by that — by how you respond to those around you, whether it’s your husband, your children, or your co-workers.

Judge your day by your love and your patience with them, not by what gets done or what doesn’t.

Nicole Cottrell wrote at Modern Reject:

It is so easy to let my identity slip into “the things I do” instead of who the Lord has made me to be and, ultimately, destined me to become. Instead of feeling like an “only,” I have to remind myself that I am an “every.” I am everything God calls me: beloved, forgiven, righteous, redeemed, victorious, a warrior, a saint, holy, and adopted.Click here to read the rest.