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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ Looking for a Gift Guide for Mother’s Day or any other upcoming celebrations? Check out this week’s Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Collection below – so many gift ideas there and every Monday! Including promo codes that’ll help you save more! This week, I shared one of my favorite garden statues of the Blessed Mother — scroll down to check it out!

+ “If I could go back and sit down with myself 25 years ago and speak some truth into that young, naïve bride to be, this is what I would tell her… Marriage was not designed just to bring us happiness, it will also make us holy if we will let it.”Holly Mayes-Haynes

+ “Prayer happens within the reality of life—not apart from it. One is not separate from the other. This is why Ignatian spirituality was and is so fitting to me; it seeks to find God in all things, not just in church. Faith is not a separate category of our lives; rather, it is woven into the fabric of our very being. Life and prayer impact one another.” — Becky Eldredge

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+ “The Lord says my yoke is easy, my burden is light. Sometimes I’m like, why does it feel like my yoke is heavy? My burden is thick — it’s is not weightless… We started talking about it and I’m like, “Oh maybe it’s because we’re operating out of our own strength and we’re not coming to exchange His for ours. And sometimes we’re just working harder we’re not working smarter. We’re not going to Him for solutions or strategies… Sometimes He’s like, “Stop, take 13 things off your plate. Sit down like Mary, stop being a Martha, and rest and then you’ll see that my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Because sometimes it’s what we put on ourselves and not what God has put on our back…” — Better Together TV

+ “The seasons when you were lost and the choices you regret do not have to define you. You do not have to be the person you were last week. There is always time to be made new…” — Meg Hunter-Kilmer

+ “For much of my marriage, I struggled with talking poorly about Mike in order to receive the affirmation that it was okay to hate my marriage or it was okay to be resentful about my marriage (“you deserve better, Jenna”). I wasn’t seeking it out with people who were calling me to virtue — who were for my marriage. There’s this quote by Saint John of the Cross that I love. “If there is no love, put love there and you will find love.” And that’s how I feel about multiple relationships but especially right now (in marriage) – if we are struggling in our marriages and there is no love, put love there and you will find love there. But it is an act of deep charity and devotion and love to serve someone and to love someone when it’s hard.”Jenna Guizar

+ “If we really want to love, we must learn how to forgive.” — Mother Teresa

+ “A religious sister I had just met told me- “I believe you are close to the Lord- draw nearer still.” I didn’t feel close to Jesus. I felt close to the messes of motherhood. I felt close to the chaos of my house. I felt close to piles of laundry and little hands using me for balance. I felt close to other things. But her invitation melted me. He wanted me to draw near to Himself. “Draw nearer still.”Leanne Bowen

+ “Several years ago, I forget where, I learned to say a short prayer taught by St. Padre Pio right after receiving the Holy Eucharist. “Stay with me, Lord.” You say it three times. One of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, says it to Jesus as they are about to part ways. “Stay with us, for it is nearly evening and the day is almost over.” At this point, though, the two disciples don’t realize it’s Jesus, yet they still want Him to stay a little longer with them. “Stay with us….” I think it’s such a beautiful prayer that we can say at anytime, when we are feeling alone, lost, or even grateful. When we are feeling lost and need to be comforted, we can ask Christ to stay with us. When we are feeling great and want to share our joy, we can ask Christ to stay with us. We can ask it of Him at anytime, Catholic Pilgrims, and even if we can’t reach out and touch Him, He is there.” — Amy, Catholic Pilgrim

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