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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “Waiting is holy… Waiting doesn’t have to be time wasted… Truth is, when we change the way we think about waiting, Advent can be one of the most fruitful times in our walk with Jesus…. Advent isn’t a season to be “endured” until we can get to Christmas… It’s a holy time to be with the King IN the waiting.” — Christopher Quinn

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+ “The word Advent comes from the Latin wod adventus, meaning a “coming” or “arrival” or even the “beginning of a presence.” It is a season in which we prepare our hearts and souls for the coming — and the birthday of — Jesus.” — here

+ “In Advent, the liturgy frequently repeats and assures us, as if to overcome our natural diffidence, that God “comes”: he comes to be with us in every situation of ours, he comes to dwell among us, to live with us and within us; he comes to fill the gaps that divide and separate us; he comes to reconcile us with him and with one another.

“He comes into human history to knock at the door of every man and every woman… This is why Advent is par excellence the season of hope in which believers in Christ are invited to remain in watchful and active waiting, nourished by prayer and by the effective commitment to love. May the approaching Nativity of Christ fill the hearts of all Christians with joy, serenity and peace!

“To live this Advent period more authentically and fruitfully, the liturgy urges us to look at Mary Most Holy and to set out in spirit together with her towards the Bethlehem Grotto. When God knocked at her door, she welcomed him with faith and love.” — Pope Benedict XVI

+ ““If you find that you have wandered away from God, lead your heart back quietly and simply.” -St. Francis de Sales ⁠// “It is often the little moments that add up in our faith life. Have we stopped a regular prayer habit, such as praying before getting in the car? Could we incorporate the words, “thank you, God” into our day more? What are some other quiet, simple ways that we can intentionally move closer to Christ?” — Becky Eldredge

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