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That’s definitely a question I’ve brought to prayer… “Can God really heal me?” “Does He want to?” “What does He want from this part of my life?”

These questions are nearly universal, aren’t they? This struggle with our pain, our wounds, with whatever has happened in our lives…

While we can all grapple with those questions, one thing I do know is that God’s desire is always to bring us into deeper relationship with Him.

Sometimes He does that through events in our lives that He allows… sometimes He does that through beauty, or renewal, or healing. You can guess where I’m going with this, right? 😉

These are all topics that are going to be covered in our next online healing retreat: The Pray More Healing Retreat! Which starts just next week, on August 5th!

The retreat is all online and it’s sort of like a do-it-yourself retreat. This year, we have 5 speakers, each giving four talks (that’s 20 altogether). The focus of each of them is on healing — the type of healing God can offer us, how to pursue that healing, how to move forward from painful and past situations into a place of more peace.

God wants to love you and we want to help you hurt a little less. That’s what this retreat is about.

All the retreat talks talks are pre-recorded and everything will be released & available on August 5th.

So the jist of it is that you can watch, listen, or download the talks wherever you are and whenever you have the time over the next few weeks. Though we do give you a list of suggested talks to listen to each week to help guide you through 🙂

Each talk also comes with the transcript in case you like to do some highlighting 😉 And a study guide, which is just 3-5 short questions that build on the materials and, we hope, will help you to reflect more, and pray more, on what the talk was about. (We have closed captions too!)

We hear from a lot of people that they do these retreats with their families, friends, Bible studies, or R.C.I.A. groups. We’re even hearing that people plan to work through the retreat materials on Zoom or Facetime with their family or groups this year! But you could also do it on your own!

Here’s a talk that’ll be featured in the retreat — you know I always love to share one with you before it begins!

“Can God Really Heal Me?”
by Heather Khym:

You can sign up for the retreat, and learn more about the speakers & the topics they’re covering, here.