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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “When needing an answer to prayers quickly and without delay, Mother Teresa of Calcutta famously prayed a “Flying” novena. This is a simple and quick way to pray a ‘novena’ when you don’t have the full nine days…” — read here

+ “What we cannot see in our Creator, we can see in His creation. It is with the gift of the flower—a powerful representation of the love of God—that we can bridge not only home and garden but also the eternal and the everyday…” — Theology of the Home

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+ “Let go of the image of who you think you should be and embrace who God has already tenderly and purposefully and ever-so-thoughtfully fashioned you to be.” — Chelsea Rome

+ “Discernment is tricky business. The devil loves to get inside our heads and tangle up our thoughts. And he really likes to whisper lies to other people who speak them aloud and further confuse us. God whispers, too, though. So who is speaking truth into your decision-making? We have to get quiet before the Lord and ask him to make his will known. It is incumbent on you (or me) to discern where the thought leads and whether that path is the one God intends. It’s up to you (or me) to ask who wants us to keep believing the thought—God or the enemy. We have to closely examine the thought and discover whether the thought leads us closer to God or further away…” — Elizabeth Foss

+ “Let us continue to tune our ears to the voice of the Good Shepherd, and his voice alone. Let us listen to him, follow him, find rest in him. As a variety of thoughts come to use this week, let us discern who is speaking them. If they are from the (enemy), let us ask the Good Shepherd to chase them away as he would wolves from a flock. If they are from the Good Shepherd let us listen and follow.” — Friars of the Renewal

+ Rosary Reflections for the Summer: “Jesus, you bless our meager offerings and make them abundant. Let us never hold back our small offerings to you, hesitant that they are not substantial enough. Give us faith in your power to transform…” — Emily Patteson

+ “When offering hospitality, we do not offer our riches, we offer the love and joy of Christ…” — Hospitality book

+ “Home is the place in which we picture, day after ordinary day, the fact that love will endure, that grief will be healed, that joy, one day, will last forever and the celebration will never end.”Sally Clarkson

+ “Throughout the history of Christianity, the Church has used art to tell its stories, teach the Faith, and educate the faithful Since most people at that time could neither read nor write, art was a crucial way to share stories from the Bible and to present truths of the Faith… To display holy art in our homes is to enrich and inspire our families with the glorious truths of the Catholic faith.” — The Catholic Company

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