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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “Sometimes we think God’s will (and following God’s will) is in the big moments… as opposed to realizing that most often it’s in those small moments, in those daily moments — in the times when we want things to be different. It’s the small moments of quiet trust — that patient “yes” to the moment. That’s the choice. I can allow the situations in my life to make me bitter or I can meet those situations with the confidence that God will not abandon me. That this is God’s will for me, I have to trust it.” — Fr. Mike Schmitz

+ About holding onto hope even when you thought you were letting go of it…

+ It’s less than 2 weeks until Easter, and here’s a powerful meditation for these last few weeks of Lent: One of my favorite details about Easter is that the season lasts 50 days — 10 days longer than Lent. The feasting is longer than the fasting. It can stand as a reminder that the feasting in heaven never ends, and all that we endure in this waiting will be worth it — will be transformed and redeemed. Because of Jesus, we have this hope.

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+ “Our own experience of crucifixion, though immeasurably lesser than our Savior’s, nonetheless furnishes us with a chance to begin to know him in the fellowship of His suffering.” — Elisabeth Elliot

+ “It’s not like Jesus died instead of us, He died and rose and gave us the spirit so we can do that (and live out that sacrificial love)… That’s what it says in the Catechism 1368. At every Mass, we’re supposed to unite all of our works, all of our joys, all of our sufferings, with Christ’s offering of Himself so that he can relive what he did on Calvary — he can live through us, that we may live that perfect love.” — Dr. Sri

+ “We imitate God by giving ourselves in love. Love demands that we give ourselves totally, holding nothing back.” — Scott Hahn

+ “Jesus was the son of a carpenter. All through his childhood, he heard the echo of the hammer on the nails. But he also knew what it was to be surrounded by the love of his father. Those hours in the workshop prepared him for Calvary in more ways than one.” — Meg Hunter-Kilmer

+ “It was not the magnitude of Christ suffering that saved us but rather the magnitude of His love.” — Scott Hahn

+ St. Louis de Montfort’s secret to a great prayer life: “Pray with great confidence in the goodness & infinite mercy of God, and the promises of Jesus. God is a spring of living water. He flows unceasingly into the hearts of those who pray.”

There’s more! I shared all of this in this week’s Collection, which you can access here.