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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “It is strange to think that our burden can be lightened by taking on something—that seems it should have the opposite effect. But God’s yoke, his way of living, creates a much lighter way of life because he is in control. If we hand over those reins, we may experience life in a whole new way.” — Fr. Dave Pivonka // “The most important thing in life is our relationship to God, and the most important means of nurturing that relationship is daily prayer.” — Fr. Dave Pivonka

+ “Sometimes the world will make you feel like the way to be happy is to pursue your individual dreams and focus on achieving your goals in life… But to be honest, I discovered pursuing my own dreams fell way short of the plans God had for me. God’s plan were way better than my own! So just hold on to God and your family, and you will discover something way more beautiful than your own plans — you will discover love was all that mattered in the end and God wants to give you that in abundance.” — Modern Catholic Mom

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+ “One of the things about the Rosary is what a beautiful, perfect prayer it is… If you pray the rosary every day, every day you will have blessed yourself, you’ve asked for an outpouring of grace, you have professed your creed, you have prayed the prayer Jesus gave us, you have asked for intercession from Mary, the most powerful intercessor — who takes your prayers, perfects them and brings them to God, and you attend the school of Mary when you think about the mysteries of the Rosary…” — Allison Gingras

+ “A marriage doesn’t fall apart because you married the “wrong person.” It falls apart when you start treating your spouse like they are the wrong person.” — Dave & Ashley Willis

+ “After 10 years, we’ve learned a few lessons from marriage: Pray for your spouse every single day. Don’t expect the person you marry to stay the same. Growth is essential and should be encouraged and embraced, but never forced. Heavy crosses will be carried. By the grace of God, be strong and sacrificially help each other endure the weight… 🤍 Put God first in your marriage and surrender everything to Him.” — Rose, CCM

+ “I assure you that when a Christian carries out with love the most insignificant everyday action, that action overflows with the transcendence of God…. Heaven and earth seem to merge on the horizon. But where they really meet is in your hearts, when you sanctify your everyday lives.” – St. Jose Maria Escriva

+ “These are the things that help me to immerse myself in my Catholic faith. Sacred Heart Images, Crucifixes, Statues, Spiritual Books, Candles….and so much more. They aren’t objects that take up space, they are reminders. They are weights that ground me in what I profess. Pope Saint John Paul II referred to our families as “Domestic Churches”. So I intentionally decorate my home to reflect this truth. I hope these carefully curated pieces bring you a sense of purpose and encouragement as you live out the beauty of our ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC FAITH!” — House of Joppa

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