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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ A Couple’s Trust in Divine Mercy: “While the miracle happened to Maureen, Bob’s unceasing faith and trust in God’s mercy paved the way. He told CNA that while it seems long ago now and much has happened since then, their faith “has deepened in humility and gratitude with greater confidence in God’s unfathomable mercy and how blessed we are.” When asked how he kept his faith during the most difficult days, through the grief after losing (their son), and during the years when Maureen’s faith was weak, Bob says what got him through was “prayer, sacraments, commitment, and above all, love — for there is no true love unless there is some sacrifice, but the greatest sorrow is not to love.”

+ Here’s that story of Maureen’s miracle (mentioned above). It’s very cool and a quick read. Something that stood out to me about it: It was Maureen’s husband who was first introduced to St. Faustina and who first believed in the power of intercessory prayer… which then led him to encourage his wife to seek her intercession for herself. This led to her receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation — and her miraculous healing shortly afterwards. This is such a great example of how we can help our spouses get to heaven.

+ “When Christ called out from the cross, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” he was quoting the Psalms; what many people forget is how that particular Psalm continues: “For he has not despised or abhorred the affliction of the afflicted; and he has not hid his face from him, but has heard, when he cried to him” (Psalm 22:24). Jasienski surely felt this same trust in the face of suffering — and from him we can learn to always trust in God’s Divine Mercy.” — Read about Jasienski’s faith amidst suffering here

+ “I’ve met a lot of people who are overwhelmed by their sin. I’ve been overwhelmed by my sin at times. I feel broken or dirty or fundamentally different. What they need to hear about is the Divine Mercy of Jesus. They want to say, “You don’t know how great my sin is.” We should say, “You don’t know how great His mercy is. You could contemplate it for all of eternity and still not reach the depths of it.” — Fr. Parks

+ “One thing alone is necessary; that the sinner set ajar the door of his heart, be it ever so little, to let in a ray of God’s merciful grace, and then God will do the rest.”St. Faustina’s Diary, No. 1507

+ “When the surface seems quiet, the Waymaker is doing a million things deep below the waters. He is shaking, stirring, and sorting out… and securing the layers of restoration that are necessary for true revival.” — Fulton Sheen

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+ “Very few of the most beautiful people I’ve known could be cover models. But they all could be saints. That’s what they all have in common. Christ abided in them. He was at home in them, nestled in, all comfortable like, not going anywhere. The difference was palpable, visible, real. Just like the parish I attended yesterday.⁣ Remember that. Remember also that age strips away what our culture calls beauty, revealing what lies beneath. All that’s hidden will be revealed, always in the next life, usually in this life. So take care of your body. Honor it. Treasure it. But never worship it. Never give it your heart. Give that only to Christ. And even if you don’t see how beautiful you are, others will. He will.”Emily Stimpson-Chapman

+ “People in the best marriages always consider their spouse as a “once in a lifetime” type deal, in which there is no upgrade that will ever be better.” — Stronger Marriages, Trey And Lea // “No marriage is perfect. Those celebrating 20, 30, or 40 years of marriage are actually celebrating forgiveness, tolerance, and moving past big mistakes that were made.”Trey and Lea

+ “Psalm 100:4 says we enter God’s gates with thanksgiving and praise. Positive words open the door to your spouse’s heart, too.” // “Here are five words that can almost always set you on the path to a healthy marriage: “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” — Stronger Marriages

+ “Don’t underestimate Joy of Christ. Give it away and many who encounter you, will at least suffer better because of it. Joy doesn’t mean we don’t suffer. It means that we love and we have hope in spite of suffering.”Fr. Goyo

+ “Fear makes us forgetful. This is why we must purposefully look back and trace God’s hand of faithfulness in our lives. God’s faithfulness before assures us He will be faithful again. (Hebrews 10:35-36) We see this truth not only as we look back at our own lives but also as we read the story of God’s faithfulness woven throughout all of Scripture.” — Lysa Terkeurst

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