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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ Father Mike Schmitz once responded to the question, “Does God love some people more than others?” What he said resonated deeply with me and helped me to better understand the Father’s unique love for each one of us. He explained that God’s love is equal for all of us—equal in intensity (quoting Saint Thomas Aquinas), and that since God is love, He can’t love someone more or less—He just loves. But, he added, God also loves us to varying degrees according to our need… read the rest here. It’s so good — it’s about The Good Shepherd and how he gives us each what we need, according to our need.

+ “This is not the life that I scheduled – not the life I planned. But this is the life that God has orchestrated. With all the ups and downs, all the sufferings, all the joys that were unexpected — and all the trials that were unexpected. Maybe you’re in the midst of a life that you didn’t plan, but it’s the life that God orchestrated. What do you say to that? You say, “yes.” That’s the call. The call is, “Okay, God, this moment is from your hands, I say yes.” — Fr. Mike Schmitz

+ Did you know that many flowers have a a Marian symbolism? These are Lily of the Valley — they’ve also been called Our Lady’s Tears because according to legend, Mary’s tears that fell at the foot of the Cross turned into these tiny but fragrant blossoms. I’ve also heard that these were some of St. Gianna Molla’s favorite flowers

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+ “Faith does not end suffering… but it makes people capable of carrying and sharing the burden. Man needs not schoolmasters in indignation (he can learn that by himself), but, rather, teachers of transformation who uncover joy in the depth of suffering….” (Pope Benedict XVI) This calls to mind the lives of the saints. And those that we knew and loved and believe will be saints someday… Those who carried their Crosses and their burdens differently. — read the rest here.

+ “Sometimes life is so hard you can only do the next thing. Whatever that is, just do the next thing. God will meet you there.”Elisabeth Elliot

+ “The whole world needs to hear two things: “God loves you” and “I love you.” You must say it often to your friends. This world is not starving from a lack of money. It’s starving from a want of love.” — Mother Angelica

+ “Love wants to be near the one it loves. When you love someone, you want to be near the one you love. God loves us! He loves so much… He remains present to us, He wants to be close to us. St. John Paul II said, “Jesus awaits us. He is waiting for you to come to Him in the sacrament of Love (the Eucharist.'” — Dr. Edward Sri

+ “Adoration is driven by our love for the Lord but I think even more important than that, it’s His love for us. The thought to pray, to adore, to love, didn’t first come from our hearts but His loving us and calling us to Himself.” — Chris Stefanick

+ “God wants from us everything we want in our close personal relationships. When we love our husbands, our kids, our parents, our friends, we don’t want them to reciprocate with formality and limitations. We don’t want a “once in a while” or “now and then” kind of connection. We want to be with them in all things; we want to share our hearts and minds and lives with them in meaningful ways, and we want them do the same with us.

“This is exactly what God wants from each one of us. Engaging in formal prayers out of a sense of obligation or duty is a fine place to start, but let’s not be content there. God wants more. He wants all of us. He wants us to turn to him in everything we do, to connect with Him even in the smallest details of our day, and to give him every bit of ourselves. God loves us so much that he wants us to pray without ceasing. As St. Elizabeth Ann reminds us, He wants us to lift our hearts to him. Always.” — Danielle Bean

+ “Everything, even sweeping, scraping vegetables, weeding a garden and waiting on the sick could be a prayer, if it were offered to God.” — St. Martin de Porres

+ “How I manage my home is a form of worship.” — Lydia Sherman

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