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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “Maybe the (better) part that Martha and I are missing is that while Jesus wants us to serve Him, we cannot do it well without spending time (with Him) like Mary. The better part is being present to Jesus in times of prayer and learning how to be present to Him even as we serve.” (Mytae Carrasco Wallace) // “I see this Gospel in a good, better, best kind of way. It is good to serve. It is better to sit at His feet. It is best to do both (at the right times)…” — BIS

+ “If you wake up feeling fragile, remember that God is not, and then trust Him to be everything you need today.” — C.S. Lewis

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+ “A commitment of living a life of joy involves a one-time decision in our heart: ‘Lord, I want to know your joy every day of my life, and I will seek to find out what it means to dwell in your presence in joy.’… Choosing to cultivate joy through challenging circumstances requires us to look for God’s fingerprints along the way.” — Sally Clarkson

+ “Fr. Boniface’s five practical steps for prayer: 1) Create a space for silence. 2) Listen for the echo of His voice. 3) Read slowly through the Gospels. 4) Ask yourself, “How do I see God’s love for me in this passage?” 5) Open yourself to an encounter with God.” — here

+ “How to stay thankful for your spouse: seek to serve, not to be served. Don’t let resentment creep in by counting the ways you wish your spouse could be better. Instead, look for ways to make their world a better place. Don’t wait until you feel thankful to say “thank you.” The more you practice, the more it will become natural – and the more you will recognize things to be grateful for.” — The Catholic Date Night

+ “Marriage is a sacrament of discipleship. It’s a sacrament of service.” — Fr. Mike Schmitz

+ “The act of homemaking is more than just cleaning, cooking and making a home comfortable. If I wanted I could fill every minute of my day with tasks and chores but that is not the point. The act of homemaking is about the strengthening and nourishment of souls who reside within the home… It’s about establishing a legacy and passing on an inheritance of faith, tradition, and love. It’s about glorifying God.” — Mandy Mazzawi

+ “Lord, lead me to the ones that need me today, and lead me to the ones that I need, and may something that I do today count for eternal significance.” — Amy Grant

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