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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ It’s our 8th wedding anniversary!

+ Here’s an anniversary post I wrote last year.

+ “This is the message of Luigi and Maria Quattrocchi’s life: a life so filled with small moments of beauty and love and sacrifice that in the end it all blurs together into what seems like an ordinary life, but one shot through with glory.” — Ordinary Married Life

+ “We thirst for more because we were made for more.” — Pope Francis

+ “This great image of the wedding feast comes up frequently in the New Testament. And it is echoed in the tradition. Jesus is the wedding of heaven and earth, the marriage of divinity and humanity; he is the Bridegroom and the Church is the Bride. In him, the most intimate union is achieved between God and the world.The mark of the Christian dispensation is joy. Exuberance. Delight. God and the world have come together. What could be better news?” — Bishop Barron

+ “On their wedding day, the couple says a definitive ‘yes’ to the vocation of marriage. Then the real work of marriage begins. For the remainder of their married lives, the couple is challenged to grow, through grace, into what they already are: that is, an image of Christ’s love for his Church.” – USCCB’s Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan

+ “A few years ago, I had one of those few moments of clarity amidst chaos and pain. Sitting in mass, I was made aware of the fact that I had been relying on my husband for everything. Our marriage was strong, but I was expecting him to be my source of joy. He was my help and my shield, and all my trust was placed in him. I had such unrealistic expectations of this man in the flesh. When life got me down, I turned to him and was of course frustrated by his inability to fix it. Where was God in this? He was waiting patiently for me to begin a practice of turning to Himself instead.” — MaryRuth Hackett, Blessed is She

+ Reinventing Your Marriage & Giving Your Worries to the Lord

+ Flowers: a forever reminder for me that it takes some time for beautiful things to grow. God is (always) with us & working in our waiting🌻💕

+ “As we’ve mentioned before and we’ll keep going back to, after the fall all of us struggle to trust God. We want to trust God, we know on some level, we should trust God, but still, in the stuff of our life, we struggle to really trust that He is who He says He is.Part of the way in which the Divine Physician desires to cure the distrust-disease in each of us is by inviting us to take risks for love of him. He invites us to get in the boat and cross the sea with him. He invites us to trust him even when the storm starts to stir and the boat begins to rock. He has “talked the talk”: he has told us he’s worthy of our trust. He also wants to “walk the walk” in your life. He wants to show you that he really is at work for the good in all things for those who love him (and that means you!). To do this he invites us to create space in our lives for him to care for us, he invites us to take risks. Because…. In the risk is the remedy!” – The Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

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