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Here’s this week’s must-reads:

+ “One of those special Catholic things: Novenas”

+ “I am short-tempered, vehement, nervous and passionate but still I love you! I am disobedient, stubborn and defiant yet I love you! I am restless, hasty and confused but I love you! I am dark, envious and making comparison but I love you!” – Bl. Sara Salkahazi

+ Fulton Sheen to be beatified in December!

+ ” Just a reminder that when you see someone on social media who has a lot going on, some area of their life is slipping. Nobody is doing it all on their own.” – Jen Fulwiler

+ Letting go of affection for sin

+ “And just as I’m invited to the table to receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, in my vocation to motherhood, I too am being invited to participate in a type of physical self-sacrifice reminiscent of his. I’m being invited to physically die to myself—to my desire for rest and comfort. I’m being invited to embrace the physical difficulties that come from bringing forth new life so that others may live. And I’m given the grace to bear these physical burdens through reception of the Eucharist.

Yes, the physical demands of motherhood are difficult and painful and taxing but I can survive these burdens because Jesus literally gives himself to me in the Eucharist. Motherhood is a full contact sport and Jesus is my spiritual PowerAde.” — Colleen Duggan

+ Winter Squash — what’s what & how to cook ’em

+ “So often our culture gets it backwards: “test drive,” “try before you buy,” cohabitation… But now that I’m living marriage day to day I see that sustaining a relationship purely with Eros is like trying to live on cake. The sweetness can disappear in an instant but it’s working together that lasts. We didn’t need to “try before you buy” to have the both depth of Agape and the sweetness of Eros together. I don’t feel “in love” every second of every day, (and anyone who expects that is going to be disappointed!) but I TRUST my husband and feel SECURITY in his love. That allows to JOY, LAUGHTER, and a PEACEFUL relationship…” – Stacey Sumereau

+ I published my latest Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Newsletter on Patreon yesterday and it included (as it always does):

  • two gluten-free recipes
  • a prayer reflection based on Sunday’s Mass readings (this week, I wrote all about humility)
  • links to budget-friendly fashion & home decor

Here are some pics of what was included in this week’s newsletter:

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