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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ A Prayer to the Holy Spirit for Our Marriages:

“Come, Holy Spirit. Come into our marriages — enlighten us, guide us, strengthen us, console us. Soften our hearts, release our resentments, help us heal from our wounds. Tell us what we should do — how we can love and serve our husbands better. How we can love the Lord with all our hearts and minds.

Come, Holy Spirit, renew our fidelity and strengthen our love. Fill our hearts with your graces, your gifts and fruits: love, joy, peace, patience… kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control.

Help us to know your will, to love your will, to seek your will together. Amen.” — here

+ “One of the many things I’ve learned about marriage…

+ “Obedience is not the acknowledgment that an unintelligent being gives to an intelligent one. It is the compliment that a lover pays to a beloved. If obedience rested solely on the recognition of a superior intelligence, it would not last a week. We can always persuade ourselves that we know better… If obedience is the expression of your love of God, you cannot be called upon in virtue of that obedience to go against the will of God. Your obedience is love. Your obedience is liberty.” – Dom Hubert van Zeller

+ “The secret weapon at the heart of successful marriages? It’s prayer. Pray with your spouse daily.” — Stronger Marriages

+ “We started praying this prayer together when we were first engaged, and it’s still one of my favorites… We pray this together all the time now — it’s such a comfort.” — Pray it with me here! 🙂

+ “We know that satan will attack weak spots first. Forty days of fasting left Jesus famished, so stan began with the topic of bread. Jesus’ stomach was empty, so satan brought up food. Where are you empty? Are you hungry for attention, craving success, longing for intimacy? Be aware of your weaknesses. Bring them to God before satan brings them to you.” — Blake Wesley

+ The Saints, Our Friends

+ “Contentment doesn’t come from having every little thing you want. Contentment comes from a heart posture that is thankful and grateful, without comparing to what could be, what they have, or what you once had. Contentment and true gratitude comes from the understanding that nothing on this earth is ours to begin with… with the Lord as our guiding light, we can find joy and contentment despite our circumstances. Be okay with what your right now looks like. Be okay with your plans being different than the Lord’s plans, or even simply his timing.

“We don’t need to compare; we don’t need to worry about the natural ebbs and flows of life. As believers, our life goal is not simply materialistic “success,” but instead, a continual surrender, releasing all our dreams, fears, goals, desires, worries, hopes to the One who carries it all anyways.” — Mary Sales

+ “Let go of your plans.” —St. Teresia Benedicta (Edith Stein)

+ “7 Things I want to teach my future daughter: 1) Be careful who you vent to. 2) If it takes you away from God, it’s not worth it. 3) Accept the compliment. 4) Call your grandparents “just to say hi.” 5) Be kind. World needs more of it. 6) Wear sunscreen every day. 7) The bravest people ask for help.” — Start with Prayer

+ “The gifts we received aren’t just for us. They’re meant to be magnified and multiplied. Like Mary does. May the Visitation make us realize the many gifts that have been given to us and propel us to turn the gift into becoming the giver.” — Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

+ How to protect your family from spiritual attacks

+ ” Forgiveness doesn’t mean we stop hurting. It doesn’t mean we automatically trust again, or that we’re fully reconciled Forgiveness means that we do not wish harm to come to the one who hurt us. We will only the good for them. We want them to heal and find peace and joy and ultimately get to heaven We can forgive even when we feel angry We can forgive even while we’re struggling through the process of building back trust and reconciling. Or even when reconciliation is not possible. Over and over, we can say: “In the name of Jesus, I forgive.” And we pray to God for the grace to change our hearts and our wills.” — Sara, to Jesus Sincerely

+ “In June, we turn to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and reflect upon the suffering and love of this Most Sacred Heart.  Reflecting on the Sacred Heart allows us to reflect upon the wounds of our hearts without getting swallowed up by discouragement or pain. This is because the Sacred Heart knows suffering intimately—personally—and has redeemed it. Blood and water flowed from Jesus’ pierced heart after he died on the Cross. The symbols of blood and water represent the Eucharist and baptism, the sacraments that give us new life. The image of Divine Mercy is associated with this moment of outpouring, and we are reminded that God desires to heal our brokenness through his mercy and love. Knowing this, let us spend some time examining common wounds of our hearts and how the Sacred Heart redeems and heals these wounds, if we let him.” — Caroline Harvey

+ “25 years ago this spring, I started following Jesus in a serious, intentional way. If I could go back, there’s so much I wish I could say to that girl. I don’t know if she would listen, but I’d say it just the same. Starting with…⁣

1. Following Jesus is not just having a relationship with him. It is being transformed by that relationship. And transformation is painful. Very painful. ⁣ 2. Life is vastly harder than you imagine. Everyone hurts. Everyone suffers. Everyone carries a cross that feels unbearably heavy, even if it looks light from your vantage point. Pray for everyone. Envy no one. ⁣3. Life is also more complicated than you can imagine. Be gentle with those entangled in life’s messes. They need your patience and prayers more than they need your advice.⁣ 4. Truth is never complicated. It is always simple. Not easy. But simple. Satan complicates. Jesus clarifies.⁣..” — Emily Stimpson-Chapman

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