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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “Sacred art can be a way the Holy Spirit speaks…” — Kate Capato

+ “Truly, all of life here on earth is just an extended season of Advent – a holy longing, an anticipation of something more – and yet, a praying for something more. Something greater.” — Fr. Gale

+ “You and I are called to take some quiet time everyday in the Advent season to think deeply, to give thanks to God, to prepare our hearts to love in a profound way. So that when Jesus comes in our hearts, he finds a place where he can dwell, where he can do wonders and miracles.” — John Kinuthia 

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+ “I’m on my way home after speaking at a marriage conference. I shared some practical advice about growing in your marriage and the #1 thing people spoke to me about afterwards was: “Do more than your share.” So many of us struggle with this. It’s detrimental to “keep score” in your marriage and worry about making sure everything always comes out even. I’ve got news for you. It’s never going to come out even. Do more than your share. Look for little ways to serve your spouse, offering it up in thanksgiving for the goodness of a God who never counts the cost with us.” — Danielle Bean

+ “He said, “Do not leave the Lord of the Tabernacle alone. Spend time with Jesus in silent Adoration… The work we are called to first is the work of (prayer).” — here

+ “Remember that not a single word is lost during prayer, if you say it from your heart; God hears each word.” — St. John

+ “When sufferings come my way, I try to remember to surrender them all to Christ like St. Therese did. She shows us that uniting our sufferings to Christ can transform our pains and trials into opportunities to receive the Father’s grace and love. I am confident that she prays for me everyday to find God’s beauty in every circumstance.” — Josephine King