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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ If you missed celebrating Mary’s birthday last week, there are two more Marian feast days this week, and a few more later this month. Today is the feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary. And Friday is the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Here are a few items you could use to decorate and celebrate any Marian feast day or devotion! I shared these in this week’s Collection, which you can still access if you sign up here.

The Collection is for you if you like to decorate your home with little reminders of your faith. On a budget. 🙂 Things that lift up your heart throughout the day and remind you of God’s nearness. Pieces that are meaningful for you and that will inspire you to think of the Lord while you go about your day.

The Collection is for you if you like to know the upcoming feast days to make plans to celebrate them and live liturgically. You can sign up for The Collection here to save money on Catholic home decor, jewelry and dresses. When you sign up, you get immediate access to this week’s and last week’s Collections.

+ “We never give more honor to Jesus than when we honor his Mother, and we honor her simply and solely to honor him all the more perfectly. We go to her only as a way leading to the goal we seek — Jesus, her Son.” — St. Louis Marie de Montfort

+ “The day of the Nativity of the Mother of God is a day of universal joy.” — St. John Damascene // I heard a great piece of advice that we often celebrate our birthdays for more than just one day, so if you missed celebrating Mary’s birthday last week, it’s okay — celebrate it this week!

+ “(For St. Anne and her husband, St. Joachim), Mary was (and still is) a sign of God’s abiding Providence, a glimmer of hope in times of doubt. Her life reminds us that God is faithful, and that we are never overlooked. ” — Karen Schultz⁠

+ “Don’t underestimate the joy of Christ. Give it away and many who encounter you will at least suffer better because of it. Joy doesn’t mean we don’t suffer. It means that we love and we have hope in spite of suffering.” – Fr. Goyo

+ “God is in the story. God is in the details.” — Katy Nichole

+ “The Holy Scriptures were not given to us that we should enclose them in books, but that we should engrave them upon our hearts.”― St. John Chrysostom

+ “Is prayer timeless?”

+ “We make a mistake if we think that because Mary is the Mother of God that this somehow meant that she escaped the more painful experiences of life. In fact, it is better to think that because of the depth of her relationship with Christ, the sad facts of life were enhanced for her rather than dulled… All the while in the midst of the pain-filled way of the Cross, she trusted that God was present, even if such a presence could not be felt or offered little in the way of relief or consolation…” — Fr. Steven Grunow

+ Here’s a beautiful example of a simple way to celebrate Mary!

+ “God has made us with the capacity to create and to appreciate — to experience — beauty all around us. The beauty of a sunrise, the Fall leaves, the ocean waves… or the beauty of works of art that awaken us and call us out of ourselves to stand in awe before God, who is the divine artist.” — Jem Sullivan

+ Here are a few beautiful pieces I shared in this week’s Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Collection, which you can sign up for here. When you sign up, you get immediate access to this week’s Collection as well as last week’s.