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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “This week, God shows us how highly He regards sacrificial love.” I remember hearing that a couple years ago and it was so poignant. It’s such a powerful statement about Jesus’ sacrifice — as well as a reminder of the value of the sacrifices we are all asked to make within our vocations. “Love lives through sacrifice and is nourished by giving.” (St. Maximilian) — read here

+ “Holy Thursday: Love serves. Good Friday: Love sacrifices. Easter Sunday: Love saves.” — Fr. Parks

+ Mary of Bethany was generous with the Lord — anointing His feet with perfumed oil at that dinner together, and it brought Him comfort. These last few days of Lent, let’s consider how we can comfort Him, love and cherish Him, and walk alongside Him. — here

+ “Anything that you do in life will make sense only if you look at it in the view of eternal life.” — Chiara Corbella Petrillo // I thought this was a perfect reflection for Holy Week: to look at the events in Jesus’ life, and ours, through the lens of eternity. The Lord has a bigger plan. — here

+ A reminder for these last few days of Lent: 🌸 The feasting will be longer than the fasting. 🌸 One of my favorite details about Easter is that the season lasts 50 days — 10 days longer than Lent. This reminds us that the feasting in heaven never ends, and all that we endure in the here & now can be transformed and redeemed. Because of Jesus, we have this hope. — here

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+ “The theme of Joseph and Mary’s relationship was the other’s salvation; each of their goals was Jesus for the other.” — Susanna Parent

+ “So often in marriage, we look at the person we’re promising our lives to and we think we’ll complete one another. We expect we’ll be able to fill any void in their heart or their life. We think we’ve found each other, we made the commitment and the hard part is over. But the thing is: that void in our hearts wasn’t made for a partner to fill… It was made to draw each of us deeper to God.” — Lisa Canning

+ “At our rehearsal dinner, my uncle gave this toast I’ll never forget. “My greatest wish for the two of you is that years from now you will look back on today as the day you loved each other the least.” It took everyone a hot second to realize what he said, and the beauty of this toast still gives me lots to reflect on each year.” — Emily Frase

+ “Who needs vows for easy days? We need them for the hard ones. We need them to remind us: love is a choice, not something you abandon when you don’t feel it anymore… And for those who bend to give their best, the best is always yet to come.” — Phylicia Mason Heimer

Here are the Fashion Finds in this week’s Collection!