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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “From specific Saint Feast days honoring a particular saint, Ember days signaling the shift in seasons through the lens of faith, to the Liturgical seasons of Advent and more, the Church has set a roadmap for slow, intentional living with Christ at the center.” — “Why Liturgical Living”

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+ On St. Therese: “Many so quickly assume “The Little Flower” is nothing more than a sugary and sweet and smiley saint – after all, “The Little Flower” nickname can connote an imagery along the lines of unicorns and butterflies and cotton candy. But this woman, in her short life, knew well the depths of sadness and despair. And it was that very suffering where her unique path of spirituality was formed, as she continued to push on in her love for Christ.

“Therese understood the simple truth – one I constantly struggle to fully embrace – that we have the most freedom when we abandon ourselves to the Father. When we trust in Him. An image she had for her “little way” spirituality was an elevator – as she wrote – “I wish to find an elevator which would raise me to Jesus, for I am too small to climb the rough stairway of perfection.” It is in acknowledging our weakness that we can find our strength…” — Catherine Hadro

+ “There is no Little Way without taking up our daily cross. And the present moment–what lies right in front of us, regardless of how insignificant, tedious, or dull it may be–is our key to holiness. Our Little Way to heaven.” — Little Way Design Co.

+ “Don’t give up on chasing your spouse; it’s worth it. Even if it doesn’t look like what you hope in this season of life… Connection with your spouse doesn’t require a weekly date night, but it does require a ton of intentionality. Instead of an hour or two once a week, connection often looks like waking up 15 minutes earlier and trying to get a cup of coffee together. It means slow walks to the mailbox, and holding hands in the car..” — J. Lopes

+ “We hear people say, “We’re so compatible!” when dating someone. Usually they mean their personality or how well they get along. I wonder how many people know “compatible” has Latin roots meaning, “to suffer with.” Compatibility actually means how well you can suffer with someone. Traditional wedding vows echo this poetically… We don’t find our compatibility with our spouse, we vow our compatibility to our spouse and vow a willingness to suffer with someone through this life.” — Kelly Diane

+ “God will come through on His promises. He’ll make Promises and then He’ll let things get to the point where they would be absolutely impossible, and then He comes through.” — Dr. Mary Healy

+ “The often tedious and mundane tasks of homemaking become acts of worship (of the Lord)… It’s no insignificant calling, this ministry of homemaking.” —Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth⁣⁣⁣ // “Have you ever considered your homemaking to be an act of worship? A work of art? A ministry? Perspective changes everything! Be encouraged as you pour love into your home today.” — Artful Homemaking

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