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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “Today I’m going to share the #1 secret to marriage that I have learned in my 32 years of walking beside this amazing nutball of a husband… Are you ready? Because it’s not what you think? Here we go. Allow your spouse the space to just be themselves and love them there.” — Mary Lenaburg

+ “The saints did not all begin well. But they ended well.” — St. John Vianney

+ “How do I know I am fulfilling God’s will? How do I know I am heading in the right direction? How do I know I am where I am supposed to be?”

+ We’re currently praying the Novena for the US Election here — it’s never too late to join in 🙂

+ The shadow of the cross. When I first saw it, I thought, “Of course.” The connotation of an overshadowing is usually a negative one, but this one is a hopeful one too. He died — and He rose. Crucified and Risen. For us. Today and tomorrow. There is hope and redemption despite our pains, our suffering and our seemingly unanswered prayers. He has gone before us & suffered for us, for us to have this hope and for us to have a future with Him. — read more here

+ “Learn the heart of God from the word of God.” – Pope St. Gregory

+ In my newsletter this week, I wrote a little bit about making prayer a priority instead of an after-thought, in an effort to grow in our love for the Lord. You can sign up for the newsletter here (and scroll down to see what else was featured in this week’s newsletter!)

+ “It’s Okay that NFP is Hard”

+ “God isn’t after our achievements. He’s simply after our hearts. Truth we can carry with us each and every day. Lord, keep reminding us that You’re not after our achievements. Instead, You are after our hearts. We pause today and seek You with all that we are. We give You our worries, our praises, our stress, our hopes, our everything. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.” – Lysa T.

+ “Fall in love again all over again: 15 ways to turn towards your spouse”

+ “Jesus did not eradicate suffering, but He did enable us to suffer as He did.” – Scott Hahn

+ John Paul II experienced so much loss in his lifetime. His mom died when he was nine years old, his older brother died just four years later. After his mom passed away, his dad – who was a soldier in the Polish army – took him on a pilgrimage to a shrine in Kalwaria. There, he showed John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła) an image of Jesus’ Mother and says, “You have lost your mother. But you will never lose this Mother. She will always be with you.” And that’s something that John Paul II took with him for the rest of his life. He had this relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary to lean on, to receive love and support from, especially after he lost his father as a young adult. And when he became the pope, his episcopal motto was “Totus tuus,” which translates to “totally yours.” I love to remember John Paul II’s dad’s words: You will never lose this Mother. She will always be with you. ❤️ What. A. Comfort. And what a gift too to have saints who show us how to live, and live out our faith, in a world full of suffering – particularly such personal losses. We’re not left to figure this out all on our own — many have gone before us, and we can takeaway something beautiful or inspiring from each of their stories. read here

+ “As we work through our woundedness, we become more and more open to grace. We experience our need for God, our inability to heal ourselves, and the powerful and loving presence of Jesus.” — Restore the Glory podcast Also, practical application tip. So good!!

+ Last Winter was a very dark & difficult season for me, and I called on St. Joseph to pray for me. In “Consecration to St. Joseph,” Fr. Donald Calloway says, “We need to bring St. Joseph onto the battlefield. He is the terror of demons!” Love that — and this image, it’s from @barituscatholic. This is St. Joseph, Terror of demons. 🔥 Let’s invite him onto the battlefields we’re walking through right now. 🙏

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