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Happy Easter!!

+ “Jesus rises from the grave. Life is stronger than death. Good is stronger than evil. Love is stronger than hate. Truth is stronger than lies. The darkness of previous days is driven away. Jesus rises from the grave and becomes God’s pure light.”Pope Benedict XVI

+ “If the day Jesus died was eventually called “good” then maybe one day our worst days will be called “good” too.” Jay Wolf, Hope Heals

+ “Jesus asking Peter, “do you love me?” three times after resurrection is one of the most beautiful acts of restoration. The 3 questions cancel out Peter’s 3 denials and Jesus sends him on his way. Eastertide is a season where we are invited to confess again our love for Jesus… Like Peter, I am filled with contradictions. But the resurrected Jesus comes, and invites me to confess once again my love.” — Rich Villodas

+ “If you are struggling to find joy this Easter season, let us look to the radiance of the Resurrected Jesus. Let Him bring light to the darkness shadowing your heart. Together let’s ask Him to breathe new life and hope into our circumstances and touch our lives with joy.⁠..” — Bobbi Roi

+ “Weeping may last for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” — Psalm 30:5b

+ “Resurrection means that the worst thing is never the last thing.” — Frederick Buechner

+ “Easter is a beautiful reminder that because of Jesus, death is not the end of the story. If your marriage, your dreams, or even your faith feels dead, trust it into God’s hands. He can bring new life. ” — Dave and Ashley Willis

+“Living with a deep assurance of God’s love was survival to me the past several years. I filtered what I faced through His love and made that my starting place for processing what to do. It freed me from skepticism. It freed me from letting harsh comments from people derail me. It freed me from placing unrealistic expectations on others and from allowing others to place them on me. It kept me grounded in God’s Word… But perfection was never my goal. Holding tightly to Jesus minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day was my pursuit. It was messy but also miraculous. And so very full of His undeniable grace-laced perspective. Living loved is a beautiful way to live.” — Lysa Terkeurst

+ “I have a tendency to over-intellectualize my relationship with God. If I formulated the right combination of prayer, scripture reading, and rote memorization, then certainly I’ll have figured out to have a nurturing relationship with God. But just as my own children need nothing more from me in their suffering than my arms, my presence, and my comfort, I too, need to sink back into the simplest and purest form of my relationship with a Father who comforts. In my suffering, I feel Him hold me in his loving embrace, whispering, “I’m here. I’ve got you.”  “Let me be with you.”” — Dr. Samantha Aguinaldo-Wetterholm, Mothering Spirit

+ “I am convinced that feasting can be a form of worship, an acknowledgement of God’s desire to create an abundant life to be enjoyed.” — Sally Clarkson

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