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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “Your yes, given years or decades ago, has to be ever reaffirmed to the Lord. This requires a daily, profound listening to the mystery of the always greater God and a daily responding to his love… Only he is able to keep the gift of vocation alive in you. Only he is able, through his Spirit, to overcome the weakness experienced time and again. Also Mary’s yes, which she spoke in a unique decision, had to be unceasingly repeated by her… He who wanted Mary’s yes… also wants your yes… Say it every day anew! That it will also be said to you: “Blessed are you because you have believed.” — St. John Paul II

+ “Like the Mother of God, the events and circumstances of life will offer us not only love, but sorrow.  In these moments the witness of the Mother of Sorrows will demonstrate to us that genuine faith is not a merely a comfort, a crutch or a diversion.  Faith in Christ does not bring with it exemption from the reality of our existence but grants us access to the divine life in all things- even suffering and even death and it is through precisely these experiences that we learn the extremity of true love.” — Fr. Steve Grunow

+ “Love does not stay idle.” // While I was praying the Rosary the other day, particularly thinking about The Visitation, I thought of St. Catherine of Siena, who once said: “Love does not stay idle.” When I saw that quote earlier in the day, I initially took it as an encouragement in our vocation — to love and serve those around us. To be generous and to allow our heart to be moved towards love. Like Mary did as she visited Elizabeth.

Later in the day, though, I thought of it another way, and I considered how it really reflects God’s character. He does not stay idle. In our seasons of waiting — when all may seem still or quiet — or even completely silent, He is there and He is at work. — read here

+ “Secular interior design: save up for your dream house. Christ-centered interior design: work & walk towards heaven. Secular interior design: your house should look expensive. Christ-centered interior design: your house is a place of sacrificial love.” — Paige Rien

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+ “God made us to draw together with one another as we draw closer to Him. He wants us to keep good company. When we stay close to the saints, we’re keeping close to, and communicating, spiritual goods with the best of the best.” — Scott Hahn

+ A prayer through Mary’s intercession, by Pope Benedict XVI: “Mary, Mother of the “Yes,” you listened to Jesus, and know the tone of His voice and the beating of His heart. Morning Star, speak to us of Him, and tell us about your journey of following Him on the path of Faith.

+ “(Mary) is more Mother than Queen.” — St. Therese

+ “The fulfillment of our daily duty is the means by which we most often, though frequently unknowingly, make way for the accomplishment of God’s greatest designs for our own and others’ salvation… Your daily duties — those mundane, humble, hidden tasks that form a necessary part of life — conceal the greatest designs of God. Your obedience to these simple duties, rather than allowing yourself to give in to distraction or excuses or tasks (even spiritual tasks!) that seem “greater,” is the means by which grace is most often communicated.” — The Contemplative Homemaker

+ “Often in response to our (prayers), the word is Trust Me.” — Elisabeth Elliot

+ “Caryll’s great call, her reason for being, she discovered, was to simply try to convince each human being she came into contact with that Christ dwelled within them and their worth was unimaginable….

“She was to restate the Good News for us all. That Jesus still lived and lived suffering and crucified in all the distressing parts of us. This was her call. Her vocation. She wasn’t a nun. She wasn’t married. She was a quirky laywoman who had many crosses to carry and who was called to help others carry theirs through her inspired words and her practical love. It is this idea of vocation that struck me most as I read. She says, “Everyone ought to work and their whole-time job should be their holiest and most charitable self-giving… What I gathered from these words was that the work we choose to do to earn our living and take care of our own should also be “our holiest and most charitable self-giving.” Meaning that the job might not pay well in the world’s eyes, might not bring an over abundance of financial security and yet if we use it to give of ourselves to others with God’s love then it is worthy. It becomes vocation. It becomes His will for us.” — Denise Trull

+ “We must be faithful to the present moment or we will frustrate the plan of God for our lives.” — Bl. Solanus Casey

Here are the Fashion Finds in this week’s Collection!